Amigurumi Pacifier Crochet

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Pacifier pattern amigurumi

The materials that I have used are: a large rattle of
about 2cm in diameter, two plastic rings or washers
diameter 2.50cm, thread number 5, hook number 2.00mm,
16cm of 2cm thick satin ribbon and a clasp or better
adhesive velcro.
1. Make a magic ring of 6p.b
2. 6 aum (12)
3. (p.b, aum) * 6 times (18)
4. (2 p.b, inc) * 6 times (24)
5-9. p.b in all points of the previous round (24)
10. (2 p.b, dec) * 6 times (18)
Now we introduce the rattle, which will be the measure
perfect and we continue weaving.
11. 18 pb (18)
12. (p.b, dec) * 6 times (12)
13. 12 bp (12)
Close with a slipped point and leave a long thread to join then the 3 parts.
For the part that joins with the pacifier I made a circle formed of:
1. Magic ring of 6 p.b (6)
2. 6 aum (12)
3. . (p.b, aum) * 6 times (18)
Close with a slipped point and lose the thread. Check that the circle enters the ring and
It is practically fair, it does not need to be exact either.
We introduce the circle inside the ring, we have to go forming the ring at the same time we take
one point of the circle, until it is fully sewn. You have to have a bit of skill, but it's very
The ring that we have will only cover it with p.b, it will be where the satin ribbon will go to which we will sew
the bracket so that it can be hooked to the car.
Finally sew the three parts of the pacifier as seen in the photograph, with the same strand of the pacifier.
Source : 
Designer: Miss Pitucadas (Verónica Jiménez)

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