Crochet Nice Top Free Pattern

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Material: 250 g orange (FB 1544) "ICO" 
(85% cotton, 15% silk, LL 125 
M/50 g) by Monika design yarns. 1 
Pair of pony-Schnellstnck-n nr 4. 
Hole pattern: M-ZahI divisible by 7 + 
2 RDM. Lt Knitted font arb. Drawn 
Are the HINR. In the back all M and U 
Li Str. Between the RDM and the MS and the 
1. — 4. R always Reps. 
KR re: Back and forth re M. 
Size of the sample: 17.5 m and 34 R = 10 
x 10 cm; 7 m Krre = 3 cm. 
Back piece: 142 M conn and 2 R 
Re M str. These are listed in the following 
Calculations are not taken into account. 
Then in the hole pattern weiterarb. After 
31 cm = 106 R from Stop still 2 R Li 
M str. Then cast off all M re. 
Front piece: Same as Arb. 
Completion: For the carriers at the 
Front part beids at a distance of 24 cm 
To the side Edge 7 m from the Abkettkante 
Grasp and KR re str. After 6 cm 
The carrier height or the desired 
Length (please measure) all M. 
The Abkettkante of the carriers to the 
Abkettkante of the back part at a distance 
To the side edge as for the front part 
Sewing. Close side seams. 

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