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With the arrival of cold weather there is always a question of choosing a headdress. Choosing the right hat from all the variety is not easy. We are faced with a number of questions - is this hat suitable for us, whether it is fashionable or what to wear it for. It is important to choose the correct cap, because the right choice will complement the image and make it complete and stylish. 
When choosing a hat, pay attention to knitted hats, which never go out of fashion, but change a little. We suggest to connect a nice hat in retro style from the designer Carina Spencer.

The circumference of the cap is 50 (55) cm. 
For knitting you will need: gray and maroon yarn - 1 coil (wool 100%, 182 m / 115 g); a circle. spokes - 4 mm (0,4 m); 
stocking double-pointed knitting needles - 4 mm; 
markers for loops. 

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We knit the hat in a circle of faces. smooth. The lapel is made by shortened rows of boards. viscous. We knit the kaimu with a wicker pattern. 
Braided pattern. 
Row 1 and 3: persons. P.; 
Row 2: * persons., Shoot n like an et., Thread before work; we repeat from * to the end of the river; 
Row 4: * shoot n like a thread, thread before work, persons; we repeat from * to the end of p. 
Repeat row 1-4. 

On the circle. knitting needles of gray yarn we collect 100 (110) n. We designate the beginning of the series for the loops and close the series in a circle. We knit out. item 4 circle. series. Next, we knit the shortened rows of traces. way: 
The first is truncated. R. (LS): 35 (39) persons., Turn around the trace. etc. and turn the work; 
The second is shortened. R. (IC): 10 persons., Turn around the trace. etc. and turn the work; 
The third is shortened. R. (LS): we bind people. up to the 2nd wrapped loop, wrap the trace. and turn the work. 
We repeat the third truncated series 23 (27) times. 
Track. R. (LS): we knit. persons. to the end of the row. 
Then we again knit a circle. rows. 
Track. a circle. r .: We knit people. etc., wrapped n. we sew together. 
Cut off the gray thread and attach the burgundy. 
We knit the rim.
Track. a circle. r .: We knit people. P.; 
Track. a circle. p .: knitting out. P.; 
We continue the woven pattern 11 r. 
Track. a circle. p .: knitting out. etc. 
Cut the thread of Bordeaux color and turn to the thread of gray color. 
We continue the faces. (all faces, loops) and we knit 12.5 (13) cm from the beginning (without shortening). 
We knit the upper part. 
Track. a circle. r .: 18 (20) persons., 2 persons. together, # marker, 18 (20) persons., 2 persons. together #, repeat from # to # 4 times. We obtain 95 (105) n. 
Next. a circle. r .: # 2 persons. in front of the marker, 2 persons. together #, repeat from # to # 5 times (5 pts down). When it becomes inconvenient to knit on a small number of items, go to the stocking knitting needles. 
We repeat the last circle. row 16 (18) times. We get 10 items, cut the thread and pass through the remaining n.
Completion of work. 
The lapel is sewn to the rim with the AH. side by secret stitches.

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