Crochet Little Unicorn

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List of required materials:
1. Yarn Gazzal baby cotton (60% cotton, 40% acrylic, 50g, 165m) of the primary color is half skein and not a lot of additional colors.
2. Yarn Alize Bella (100% cotton 50g, 180m) of two colors for the dress
3. Hook under your yarn. I have No. 1.75 basic and No. 2 for clothes.
4. Split pins: T-shplint - 4 pieces, O-pin - 2 pieces; discs: 15mm - 4pcs. for handles, 18mm - 4pcs. for the legs, 22mm - 2pcs. for attaching the head; washers - 10pcs.
5. Filler (sintepuh, holofayber or swan's down).
6. Screwed eyes with a diameter of 10 mm.
7. Strong thread for suits, a needle, safety pins, scissors.
8. Round-nosed pliers.
9. Clay Moment Crystal.
10. Dry pastel for toning or any other customary means of toning (optional).
11. Mouline for embroidery.
12. A button for a dress, a satin ribbon (width 0.6mm) or any other decoration for a dress.

KA-ring amigurumi;
Pr - increase;
Ub - reduction;
Bn is the air loop;
Sbn - a column without a crochet;
Ssn - column with crochet
Сс - connecting column;
PSn - polustolbik with a crochet;
(sb, pr) x N - to repeat knitting N times;
s / np - knit for the back half-loops.
All parts are knitted in a spiral, without a lifting loop, unless otherwise specified in the description.

Legs (the marker is aligned on the heel)
Begin to knit in beige color
1p - 6in, we knit with the 2nd from the hook of the loop: pr, 3sbn, 4cb in 1 in, continue to knit on the other side of the chain 3sbn, pr (14cb)
2p - pr, 4sbn, 3pr, 4sbn, 2pr (20sbn)
3p - sbn, pr, 5sbn, (sb, pr) x3, 4sbn, pr, sb, pr (26 cbn)
We leave a long (approximately1,5 meter) tail for further tying. Change color and knit for z / np
4p - 26sbn
For the remaining in the 4th row of the half loop we tie the shoe in the following way: using the needle, draw the tail on the front side and knit clockwise
(bn, cc) in 1sb, repeat to the end of the series. We make the ss, fix the thread and hide it.
5-6p - 26sbn
7р - сбн, уб, 4сбн, (сбн, уб) х4, 4сбн, сбн, уб (20сбн)
Change the color to the main color and knit it for s / np
8р - 5сбн, 5уб, 5сбн (15сбн)
9р - (3сбн, уб) х3 (12сбн)
Next, the marker can not be aligned
10-18р - 12 сбн
Stepping back 2 rows down, put the cotter, fill
19р - 6уб
Thread and clip.

Handles (marker is not aligned)
1p - 6sb in the spacecraft
2р - (пр, сбн) х3 (9 сбн)
3-4 r - 9 cbn
5р - (2 сбн, пр) х3 (12 сбн)
6-18r - 12cb
Stepping back 2 rows down, put the cotter, fill
19р - 6уб
Thread and clip.

Body (we knit from the bottom up, the marker can not be aligned)
1p - 6sb in the spacecraft
2р - прх6 (12сбн)
3p - (sb, pr) x6 (18cbn)
4p - (2sbn, pr) x6 (24cb)
5p - (3sbn, pr) x6 (30bn)
6p - (4sbn, pr) x6 (36bn)
7-12p - 36sbn
We fasten the legs between 7 and 8 side by side, make sure that they are installed symmetrically, the marker is located in the middle of the back.

13р - (4сбн, уб) х 6 (30 сбн)
14-16r - 30sbn
17р - (3сбн, уб) х 6 (24 сбн)
18-20r - 24cb
21p - (2сбн, уб) х 6 (18 сбн)
22-24р - 18 сбн
Handles are fastened between 21 and 22 near

Body fill, install a cotter pin.
25 р - (sbn, ub) х6 (12sbn)
26р - 6уб
Thread and clip.

1p - 6sb in the spacecraft
2р - прх6 (12сбн)
3p - (sb, pr) x6 (18cbn)
4р - сбн, пр, (2сбн, пр) х5, сбн (24сбн)
5p - (3sbn, pr) x6 (30bn)
6p - 2sbn, pr, (4sbn, pr) x5, 2sbn (36sbn)
7p - (5bn, pr) x6 (42bn)
8р - 3сбн, пр, (6сбн, пр) х5, 3сбн (48сбн)
9-16p - 48sbn
We fasten the head
17p - 3sbn, уб, (6сбн, уб) х5, 3сбн (42сбн)
18р - (5сбн, уб) х5 (36сбн)
19р - 2сбн, уб (4сбн, уб) х5, 2сбн (30сбн)
20р - (3сбн, уб) х6 (24 сбн)
21r - sb, ub, (2sbn, уб) х5, сбн (18сбн)
22р - (сбн, уб) х6 (12сбн)
23р - убх6
We fill in as we do the adjustments. The head must not be stuffed to the stone state. The hole must be pulled off, the thread secured and cut.

1p - 7in, we begin to knit from the second from the hook Bn: pr, 4cb, 4cbn to 1in, continue along the other side of the chain 4bn, pr (16sbn)
2p - 2pr, 4cdn, 4pr, 4sbn, 2pr (24cb)
3-6p - 24th c.
Thread and fasten the thread, leaving the tail for sewing.
We sew the muzzle to the head, placing it not in the center, but shifting not much to the bottom. Stuffing as you sew.

1p - 4sb in the spacecraft
2p - (cbn, pr) x2 (6cbn)
3p - 6sbn
4p - (2cbn, pr) x2 (8cbn)
5p - 8cb
6p - (3sbn, pr) x2 (10sbn)
7p - 10sbn
8p - (4sbn, pr) x2 (12cb)
9p - 12sbn
Thread and fasten the thread, leaving the tail for sewing.

1p - 6sb in the spacecraft
2р - прх6 (12сбн)
3р - (пр, сбн) х6 (18сбн)
4-7p - 18cb
Fold the eye in half and tie both edges of the ss. Cut the thread, leaving the tail for sewing. Tail the thread into the needle, fold the 2 edges of the ear along and stitch it. We can not cut the thread.

Type the chain Bn (I have 46Bp), with the 3rd from the hook Bn we are tying the Ssn into each Vp, reaching the beginning of our chain we do not cut the thread, but again we dial the chain Bn and also we sew the SSP in each Vp. Repeat the actions the right number of times (I need 3 spirals). By connecting the last spiral we connect the upper and lower edges of each spiral with each other. The thread is fixed and cut off, leaving the tail for sewing.

Points 1 and 4 are as close as possible to the base of the head
Points 2 and 5 are 2 rows higher than the upper edge of the muzzle
Points 3 and 6 at the level of the upper edge of the muzzle, having receded 3 sb from it to the left and to the right
Points 2-3 and 5-6 are located diagonally.
The first part of the ducks:
Enter the needle with a long thread in v. 4 and output in volume 2, enter in v.3 and output in v. 4. We tighten both ponytails, fix the duck, hide the tail of the thread.
We introduce the needle in vol. 1 and output it in vol. 5, enter in vol. 6 and output in vol. 1. We pull up both ponytails and fasten the weft. We do not cut the thread, we will make the second part of the jig.

Points 2 and 5 are located at the same place as in the first part
Points 7 and 8 retreat 2 cms from points 2 and 5 to the left and to the right, respectively.

The rest of the tail is entered again in vol. 4 and output in volume 5, we drive in vol. 8 and output in vol. 2, enter in vol. 7 and output in item 4. Thread tighten, fix and hide the tail.

Glue the eyes, embroider cilia and eyebrows. If desired, you can embroider a smile on the unicorns and nostrils on the face. I embroider a mulina divided in half (3 thin strings). she embroidered eyelashes as follows: she introduced a needle with a thread at the base of the head, brought her eyes out into the inner corner, inserted her in an outer corner, made a small arrow, then embroidered a few cilia on top and bottom.
We find a successful position and sew the ears, fill the horn and sew on the center of the head, sew the spirals.
If desired, the bridge of the nose, cheeks and inner part of the ears should be sunk.

Our unicorn is ready, we will knit her dress.
We begin to knit with swivel rows, making a rise at the beginning of each row.
We dial the chain in, not much freer than the neck (I have 24 in, + 1 in)
2p - from the second from the loop hook we begin to knit (3sbn, pr) x to the end of the row
If your chain is different from mine, then distribute the increments evenly.
3p - (4cbn, pr) x to the end of the series
4p - we knit without any increase
5p - 4sbn, 7bp (7sbn let's pass and knit in the 8th), 14sbn, 7bp (7sbn pass and knit in the 8th), 4sbn
6p - to tie a series of sb, including, in each vp we tie the sbn

7p - (5cbn, pr) x to the end of the series
8p - we knit without increase, we knit up to the end of the row and close it in a ring and then we will knit in a circle, making ss at the end of each row
9p - 2in lift, (3pc, 3in, skipping 3cb of the previous row) x to the end of the row
If you do not insert a ribbon, then knit as 8 row
10p - 4vp lift, (prssn) x in each column of the previous series
Next, we knit the rows without increments of ssn to the desired length, making at the beginning of the series a 3in rise, at the end of the row cc
Change the color and tie the bottom of the dress:
(сс, 2вп, сс) х in 1снн, in the next ссн we tie sbn and so we tie in a circle

Attach the thread to the neck and tie up the shelves cc, on one of the shelves make a buttonhole from the chain in

Sew pugovichku, if desired, decorate the dress.

Автор Ольга Гаевская
Source : https://vk.com/volshebstvo_petelek

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