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The owner and author of this cute puppy is Bella Ermolaeva, the winner of the All-Russian Festival of Folk and Decorative and Applied Art “Russia Master”. 

The height of the dog is about 5.5 cm. To bind her, you will need remnants of yellow yarn and quite a bit of burgundy, hook No. 2, two blue beads for the eyes. 

Body (1 detail). Tie a yellow yarn chain of 20 ce and close it into a ring with a half-column, and then spiral five rows of st.b.n. In the sixth row, knit a "knob", 9th sb., In the tenth column - "a knob", 9th s.b.n. 
Go back to the beginning of work and tie the first row like this: 
"shishechka", 4 st.b.n., "shishechka", 4 st.b.n., "shishechka", 9 st.b.n.
Follow the "cones" as follows: make a nakid, enter the hook into the loop, nakid, pull the loop. So knit five times in one loop, without throwing anything off the hook. Then make a cape, pull the hook through all the loops, except for one, put the hook on again, draw the hook through the remaining two loops. Make sure that the "bumps" on the opposite edges of the product (the distance between which there are 9 columns) are on the same line opposite each other. 
Fold the product in half so that the four "bumps" (the legs of the dog) are on the bottom and one (the tail) on top. Using a needle and thread, connect both halves of the dog’s body.
Head (1 detail). Tie a yellow yarn chain of 3 ce and close it into a ring with a semi-column. In the middle of the ring, knit 5 st.b.n. Then knit 2 st. In each column. Knit the next two rows straight. Next, knit in the same row together the 2nd and 3rd, 5th and 6th columns, the rest of 15th sb. knit straight. Stuff your head with a padding polyester and complete it, knitting together every 2nd and 3rd st.B. 
Ear (2 parts). Tie a burgundy yarn chain of 10 ce and lock it into a ring with a semi-column. In the middle of the ring, knit 5 st.b.n. so that they were at the bottom of the ring. 
Assembly. Sew ears to head, head to body. Embroider the nose, attach the beaded eyes.

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