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The shawl has a triangular shape and is knitted from top to bottom. The beginning of knitting-the middle of the top edge, addition are located along the central loop and at the edges of the canvas. The pattern is performed in the front rows, in purl rows all loops, including the scale, knit purl.

The level of complexity is average (facial loops, purls loops, Ubavki, increments, rapports, invisible set of loops). The pattern is simple but requires attention.

Size: Varies depending on the number of times in the diagram.

For my shawls I performed 2 repetitions of circuit B, so it turned out to be small, only 162 x 75 cm. In addition, the size of shawls is influenced by the choice of yarn and the thickness of the spokes.

You will need: Alize Bella Batik Design (100% cotton, 180 m/50 g)-100, 2 for this shawl will suit any yarn that can hold the lock, spokes 4.5 mm or suitable for your yarn

Optional: Crochet hook and auxiliary thread for invisible set of loops locking device markers

The density of knitting: when knitting this shawl is of great importance does not have

Sample: Use scheme B, tie a pair of rapports in height without taking into account the expansion of shawls, wet and block. Use the finished sample to calculate the size of the shawl.

Spring Mood Shawl, Description:

Preparatory stage:
The Invisible Set Dial 3 loops (the auxiliary thread Hook connect a chain of 5 air loops, then from the received chain the main thread raise on the left Spokes 3 loops), tie 8 rows of facial.

At the end of the 8th row, turn the work 90 degrees clockwise and lift the front 3 loops along the long side of the ribbon. Remove the auxiliary thread inlaid the series, lift the 3 open loops on the left spokes, put them face.

9 loops should be on the right spoke. Then each row starts and ends with three cutting loops.

The edge loops, including the first in the beginning of a row, knit a Platelkoj (obverse in LR and in IR).

Next row (IP): 3 Chrome, marker, 1, marker, 1, marker, 1, marker, 3 chrome.

Markers indicate the center loop and the crown. In addition, for convenience of knitting put markers between rapports.

Body Shawls:
1) Follow the series 1-28 on Circuit a (65 p).
2) Follow the ranks of the 1-32 on the circuit B. Continue to knit in the scheme B until the shawl reaches the desired size.

Attention! If the amount of yarn is limited and after the second repeat of the scheme in you have already spent half of it, then you should go to the knitting of the Fringe, as it will take the remaining half of the thread.


Complete the 1-36 series on the one-time circuit.

End of work:

In the next LR it is very free to close all loops of obverse. To close the loops you can also use the method of closing with a Pico or close their hook. Cut off the thread, hide the ends, lock. The C diagram shows the approximate lock points.

How to work with diagrams:
Diagrams are given without taking into account the central loop and the cutting loops.

Each row start and finish with the Crown loops, three for shawls and a family for a scarf.

The edge loops, including the first in the beginning of a row, knit a Platelkoj (obverse in LR and in IR).

The central loop in LR knit front, in IR-reverse.

The diagrams show the facial rows. In purl rows all loops, except for Kromozhno, Knit purl.

All circuits are symmetrical and show only half of the shawls. In order to perform the series completely, proceed as follows: Chrome, knit according to the scheme as it is given to the CPU, CPU, knit according to the scheme as it is given to the last 3 (7) loops,

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