Amigurumi Doll with Knitting Bed

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You will need:
thread "Muline" pink and burgundy
flowers, yarn "Iris" (100% cotton)
- Remains of white, yellow and pink
flowers, yarn "Olga" (50% wool,
50% acrylic, 392 m / 100 g) - residues
orange and green colors, hook
№1,5 and №2, 5, spokes number 1, 5, cardboard,
beads, sintepon.
Head: pink threads "Muline" (in
several additions) crochet №1,5
dial 3 air. etc., connect to the ring. 1st
row - tie in 7 tbsp. b / n in the center of the ring. 2-6th
rows - knit in a circle of art. b / n, evenly
adding on 7 tbsp. in each row. 7th-8th
ranks - add 5 tbsp. 9th row - add
3 tbsp. 10-11th series - knit smoothly. 12th-20th
rows - evenly lower by 3 tbsp. in each
row. Fill the item with a sintepon. 21-23-
th row - lower by 5 tbsp. Remaining loops
Nose: Dial 3 air. etc., close the ring.
1st row - in the center of the ring, tie in 7 tbsp. b / n.
Next, knit in a circle of art. b / n. 2nd row -
evenly add 5 tbsp. 3rd row - knit
smooth. 4th row - evenly reduce 5 tbsp.
Fill the part with sintepon, sew to
Legs and torso: burgundy threads
"Mulino" crochet №1,5, type 3 air. P .,
close in the ring. 1st row - engage b st.
b / n in the center of the ring. Next, knit in a circle
Art. b / n. 2nd row - evenly add b art.
3-4-rd series - knit smoothly. Change the thread
to the pink one. 5-20th series - knit smoothly.
Postpone the work, tie the second leg
similarly. Connect both legs and knit
vkrugovuyu trunk art. w / n pink thread
12 rows. 13-15th series - evenly lower

4 tbsp. Fill the item with a sintepon. Hands: pink thread "Mulino" crochet №1,5 dial 3 air. etc., connect to ring. 1 st row - engage 6 tbsp. b / n to the center rings . Next, knit in a circle of art. b / n 12 series. Fill with a sintepon. Nightgown: put on knitting needles white thread 30 p., knit 4 rows of faces. loops. Next, knit 20 rows of faces. smooth (faces. ranks - of persons. loops, out. the ranks are different. loops), In the first two rows, evenly add 5 pt. Then tie 6 rows of faces. loop and and close all the hinges. Stitch, sew straps. Assembly: Sew all the parts. To the head sew the eyes-beads, embroider your mouth, Sew your hair. Cot For the frame, cut out from the cardboard 2 backrests and the middle part of the required length. Tie all the details from both sides of the hook №2,5 green thread. Sheet: knit with white cotton thread

persons. the rectangle of the desired size. Pillow: tie with knitting needles a pink thread persons. the smoothness of 2 rectangles. Connect they are crocheted with pillars b / n, stuffing sintepon. Blanket: knit the faces of people. smooth rectangle, alternating strips of 4 rows white, pink and yellow thread.

Source : https://vk.com/lyubov_komkova_knitting

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