Amigurumi Vintage Girl Free Pattern

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For knitting we will need:
Hook № 1.25 and № 1 for knitting fingers on hands
Needle, filler.
The fabric for the dress is a linen header or something similar, preferably monophonic. or threads-for those who want to tie a dress.
Cotton lace for finishing.
Fetr for shoes or can be linked.
Half beads for eyes-black.
Thread: ALIZE FOREVER 100% microfiber, 50gr = 300m, color № 292. Threads "Chamomile" for hair, color can be any (goes almost all Hank)

If you use the strings like mine and Hook № 1.25, the girl is only 20 cm

VP-Air Loop
PRSs-a column with a scale
K/A-Ring of Amaguumi
SS-Offset column
P/P-half loop

1) Hands (2pcs) + (fingers) (10 pcs)
2) feet (2pcs)
3) Torso
4) Head
5) Registration

1 stage: Handles (2pcs)

(First you need to tie the handles, as we will be involved in the process of knitting the trunk)
First knit the fingers at once for both handles:
1 row: 4 in/A
2-5 Series: 4 SBN (4 rows)
Fix the thread, trim, hide the tip.
The nameless, forefinger and thumb knit is similar to the average
Each finger knitting on 2 pieces (only 10 pieces), and when knitting the little finger thread is not doomed.
Little Finger
1 row: 4 in/A
2-4 Series: 4 SBN (3 rows)
Thread is not cut, knit further palm and hand
1 row: 2 on the little finger, 2 on the unnamed, 2 on the average, 4 on the index, 2 on the average, 2sbn on nameless, 2sbn on the little finger. (16)
Put a marker.
Continue to knit in a circle.
2-5 Series: 16 SBN (4 rows)
6th row: 8 SBN, 2 SGB loop the palm and thumb together, 5 SBN = 15SBN

Right hand:
7 row: 9 SBN, 2 sat on the big finger, 4 sbn. = 15 SBN
8 – 9 row: 15. (2 rows)
10th row: (2SBB, UB) x 3 times, 3SBN (12SBB)
11-13 Series: 12 SBN (3 rows)
14th row: 3SBN, ub x 2raza, 2SBN (7SBB)
15-22 Series: 7SBN (8 rows)
23th row: 3SBN, D x 2times, 2SBN (9SBN)
24-27 Series:-9 SBN (4 rows)
28th Row:-4 SBN, D, 6SBN, D (14SBN)
29-32 Series:-14SBN (4 rows)
Thread fasten, trim, tip hide

Left hand:
Knit Littlefinger and the rest of the fingers are similar to the fingers of the right hand
1 row: 2 on the little finger, 2 on nameless, 2 on average, 4 on the index, 2 on the average, 2 on the unnamed, 2 on the little finger. (16)
Put a marker.
Continue to knit in a circle.
2-5 Series: 16 SBN (4 rows)
6 row: 14 SBN, 2 SBN = 16 SBN
7 row: 15 SBN, 2 on the thumb = 17 SBN (2 palm loops with two thumb hinges)
8 – 9 row: 17SBN. (2 rows)
10th row: (2SBB, UB) x 3 times, 3 SBN (12 SBN)
11-13 Series: 12 SBN (3 rows)
14th row: 3 SBN, UB x 2 times, 2 SBN (7SBB)
15-22 Series: 7SBN (8 rows)
23row: 3SBB, Prх2raza, 2SBN (9SBN)
24-27 Series:-9SBN (4 rows)
28th row:-4SBB, D, 6SBB, D (14 SBN)
29-32 Series:-14SBN (4 rows)
Cut the thread. Fix, hide the tip. Insert the wire frame into the fingers and handles. Pour a little palm filler.

Stage 2: Legs (2pcs)

(If you want the girl to stand, you need to cut the plastic lid insole to the size of the foot and insert at the right time knitting)
1 row: 9 VP, in the 2nd loop from the Hook 3 SBN, 6 SBN, 3 SBN in the last VP, 6 SBN (18)
2 row: (d) * 3, 6 SBN, (d) * 3, 6 SBN (24)
3 row: (PR, 1 SBN) * 3, 6 SBN, (PR, 1 SBN) * 3, 6 SBN (30)
4 row: (d, 2 SBN) * 3, 6 SBN, (d, 2 SBN) * 3, 6 SBN (36)
5th row:-(PR, 3 SBN) * 3, 6 SBN, (d, 3 SBN) * 3, 6 SBN (42)
6 row: 42 RVN
7th row:-For the back P/p: 42 of the SBN
8-13 Series: 42 of the SBN (6 rows)
We get a few svn (I have 3SBN)... To the middle of the back of the leg, put a marker.
14 row: 15 SBN, (UB) * 6, 15 SBN (36)
15 Row: 12 SBN, (UB) * 6, 12 SBN (30)
16 Row: 30 SBN
17 Row: (2 SBN, UB) * 6, 2SBB (20)
18th Row-20SBN
19th Row-3SBN, UB, 10SBB, UB, 6SBB (21)
20th row:-21 SBN
21st Row:-5SBB, 2ub, 12SBB (19)
22-44 Series: 19SBN (22 rows)
The thread is fastened, cut off, the tip is straight. The foot is stuffed with filler.
* And for a leg to be better stood, in a foot it is possible to enclose something type insoles from a cardboard or plastic caps from under yogurt
The second leg is knit similarly, but the thread is not cut.
Connect the legs. We have a hook on the inside of the right leg. Exactly in the middle.
We Projazit 4v. P. and join the second leg, as in the middle of the inside.
Thus smoothly proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3: Torso.
1row-on the left foot-19sbn 4sbn 4v. P. For the front p/p, 19SBN (42)
2row-4 down the front p/P 4 v. P, put the marker, now count will be from here-(middle of the backrest)
3-7 Series-46 RVN + 2SBSS (48)
8th Row-12SBN, UB, 20SBN, UB, 10SBN (44)
9th Row-13SBN, UB, 19SBN, UB, 8SBN + 3SBB (offset) (45)
10th row-11SBN, UB, 18SBN, UB, 9SBB (40)
11th Row-12SBN, UB, 8SBN, UB, 7SBN, UB, 7SBB (37)
12th Row-13SBN, UB, 15SBN, UB, 5SBN (35)
13-20 Series-35 RVN (8 rows)
21st Row-14SBB, UB (backrest), 19SBN (34)
22th Row-7SBN, UB, 16SBN, UB, 9SBN (34)
23th Row-6SBN, UB, 15SBN, UB, 7SBB (30)
24th row:-30SBN
25th Row-Connect the handles and torso:
7SBN, take the right knob and attach to the body, capturing the loops of the handle and trunk = 4SBN, then on the back of the 11SBN, 4sbn pens and trunk together... More on the front 4SBB (29)
26th row-we move on the back of 8SBN on the front, 10SBN on the Pr... Put marker (25)
27th Row:-4SBB on the back, 10SBN on the lion. The handle, 27SBN to the marker. (41 in)
The carcass is filled with a dense filler.
28th row:-(4SBN, UB) х6 times, 4SBN (34)
29th Row:-34 SBN
30th row:-(3SBB, UB) x 7times (+ 1 loop under the marker) insert the wire into the torso and legs. 28
31st Row:-(2SBB, UB) x 6 times, 2SBB (20)
32-36 Series:-20SBN-neck (5 rows)
37 Series:-3SBN, UB, 7SBN, UB, 6SBB (18)
38-40 Series:-18SBN (neck) (3 rows)
Fill the filler.

The head is filled with filler very tightly, as there will be no ducks.
It should be almost round.
Continuation of the neck
1st row:-18 PR-(36)
2row:-36 SBN (36)
3 row:-(5 SBN, increment) – 6 times (42)
4th row:-42 SBN
5th row: (6 SBN, Increase) – 6 times (48)
6th row:-48
7th row:-(7 SBN, Increase) – 6 times (54)
8th row:-54
9 row: (8 SBN, raise) – 6 times (60)
10th row:-60
11 Row: (9 SBN, increment) – 6 times (66)
12 – 17 Row: 66 (6 rows)
18 Row: (10 SBN, increment) – 6 times (72)
19 – 20 Row: 72 rnd (2 rows)
21 Row: (11 SBN, Increase) – 6 times (78)
22-28 Series: 78 (7 rows)
29th row: (2 SBN, Ubava) – To the end of the series (60)
30th Row: (9 SBN, Ubavka) – 5 times, 5SBN (55)
31th row: (8 SBN, Ubavka) – 5 times, 5 SBN (50)
32 Series: (7 SBN, Ubroka)-5 times, 5SN (45)
33 Series: (6 SBN, Ubavka) – 5 times, 5SBB (40)
34 Series: (5 SBN, Ubroka) – 5times, 5 SBN (35)
35 Series: (4 SBN, Ubava)-up to the marker
36 Series: (3 SBN, Ubroka)-up to the marker
37 Series: (2 SBN, Ubava)-up to marker
38 Series: (1 SBN, Ubava) – to the end

Stage 5: Decoration
Thread cut to the desired length of approximately 60-70 cm.

To flash on a sewing machine, tucked a paper-Prodor.

Sew hair from thread to the head.
Divide our hair into two parts and tie a rubber tail.

I counted every thread to make the braids ideal.

For each braid I took an equal number of threads.
When all the braids are braided, we fasten them

Then separately measure the strings, but the length (I have about 1.5 m) more take and weave one braid and it is obmatatem already finished hairstyle of braid.
Fastened from below, so as not to be seen. The edge of the braided spit I tied with a thread, leaving two ends of the original... And with this thread I tied this long braid around the braids... So easier to fasten.
In order not to see the fastening, I knitted small flowers.

But you can invent another ornament... or braid The Spit...
Glue the half-beads-eyes. Embroider.

The dress I was walking on this photo (the basis of a peasant blouse).

Then when I put on the doll, I pulled a thread on her neck... Bottom of the dress, sleeves and collar I adorned the lace

The shoes of the felt I walked on this.

I would be grateful if when you show the finished toy, you will specify me as the author! Thank you for knitting with me!

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