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Finished dimensions (approx. Diameter x length): 2.5 x 23.5 cm.

To crochet sausages, you will need:

brown yarn residues;
hook number 2.25;
tapestry needle.

Used abbreviations
vp -  air loop
ss -  connecting column
sbn -  column without nakida
pr - 2 sbn in one loop 
sb - 2 sbn knit together 
() - the value in brackets at the end of the row indicates the resulting number of sbn in a row, or number rows, which fit without changes 
() x - repeat the specified number of times the instructions given in parentheses 
circle. R. - circular row (knit in a circle)

How to crochet sausages

Knit sausages - 5 pcs. 
Link 4 VP and connect them to the SS in the ring. Then knit in a circle, at the beginning of each row, do 1 wp for lifting, and finish row 1 ss in this p. 
Krug.r. 1 (front side): 6 Sbn, on the last column, change the thread to the red (6) 
Krug.r. 2: (pr) x 6 (12) 
Krug.r. 3: (1 sbn, pr) x 6 (18) 
Krug.r. 4-10: 18 sbn (7 rows) 
to fill sausage with filler 
Krug.r. 11: (ass, 1 Sat) x 6 (12) 
Krug.r. 12: (Ass) x 6 (6) 
Knitting to finish, cut the thread, leaving the long end of the thread to sew. The remaining hole to pull, fix and hide the thread. 

Connect the sausages in a bundle, leave 7 cm niii between them, securing the thread at both ends of the sausage.

A crocheted sausage bunch is ready!


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