Amigurumi Penguin Chick

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You will need:
yarn "Iris" {100% cotton) -
the remains of turquoise and orange
flowers, hook number 2, glass
granulate, sintepon.
Torso: dial 5 air. close, close the conversation
in the ring. Knit in a circle of art. b / n, performing
Adding through each loop to
As long as you do not get 60 st. Then knit
3 rows without additions. Then evenly
perform the reduction until,
until there are 3 tbsp. Fill the part with glass
granulate, then sintepon. Finish
Wings: dial turquoise 10
air. P . , close the ring. 1st row - knit
Art. b / n behind the back wall. 2nd row - evenly
Reduce 2 tbsp. 3rd row - evenly
reduce 3 tbsp. 4-6th series - lower 2 tbsp.
Fill the part and finish the job. Sew
wings to the trunk.
Eyes: take 2 buttons with a diameter
3 cm. Type the turquoise thread 5 air.
P . , close the ring. Knit 10 tbsp. b / n in
ring. 2-4th series - knit in a circle, evenly
adding 4 tbsp. b / n in each
row. The 5th row is without additions. Insert
in the resulting pocket of a button, sew
to the head.
Paws: Orange thread, type 5 air. P.,
close in the ring. 1st row - get 10 tbsp.
b / n in the center of the ring. 2-3 rd series - knit by
circle of art. b / n, evenly adding in each
series of 5 tbsp. 4th row-8 st. b / n, 3 tbsp. b / n
in one loop, 8 tbsp. b / n, 6 tbsp. s / n in one loop,
2 tbsp. b / n, 6 tbsp. s / n in one loop. Sew
paws to the trunk.
Beak: type orange thread
6 air. close, close
in the ring. Knit in a circle
Art. b / n, evenly decreasing
Laying on 3 tbsp. in each row. Close
loops. Sew a beak to


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