Nice Women Sweater

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Size: 44-46

You will need: 250g beige angora/polyamide 500 m/100 grams.

This feminine and warm sweater you will want to wear this autumn and approaching winter. The fishnet sweater is tied with spokes from the bottom up.

For the back/front, dial 100/110 loops and tie 20 rows of 1.5mm gum with 1.5mm in the 1.5mm scheme. Take evenly 24 loops, arrange the pattern so that the 2 part of the rapport is located on the middle line of the back/front and tie 120 rows with 2 mm spokes in the scheme 2. Then make the additions for the break: 4/3/2/1/1/1/1/1 loops through the row for the back, and 5/4/3/2/1/1/1/1/1/1 loops - for the transmission.

From 176 rows start to make allotment for the cut of the neck of the front (42 loops), and from 188 rows - for the back. In the 200 row, close the remaining 27 loops of each shoulder.

For the sleeves, dial 51 loops and tie 20 rows of gum with 1.5 mm spokes on the 1 scheme. Take 18 loops evenly and continue to knit 2mm in a 2. Arrange the pattern so that the 2 part of the rapport is located on the middle line of the sleeve, and the first part, repeating - mirror from it.

Add 32 loops evenly: on both sides of the loop across 16 rows. The additions for the prom start to do with 152 rows. Reduce 4/3/2/1 loops through the row from the back side, 5/4/2/1 - from the side of the front, then continue to reduce by 1 loop to 180 rows. Close through the row on both sides of the 2/3/4/5 loops. In the 188 row, close the remaining loops.

Stitch one shoulder seam. For the collar, dial 121 loops on the neckline and knit 32 rows in the scheme 1. Close all the loops, stitch the collar and the second shoulder seam. Then lice the sleeves in the arms and stitch the side seams.

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