Crochet Fishnet Knee Socks Pattern

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You will experience a real delight by wearing these exquisite golfs. They knit in a circle, from toes upwards and leave a considerable part of legs open. openwork Patterns of lace flowers at the back and miniature leaves in front are joined by a lateral braid, which stretches up to the very top of the golf, where smoothly passes into the cuff, decorated with braids, openwork viscous and Rubchik. A thin elastic thread, which extends through the upper edge of the cuff, keeps the knee-highs in place. These golfs are a work of knitted art, to link such beauty only diligent professionals will be brave.

Dimensions of the finished knitted product: 
Girth feet 18 cm
Length (from heel Cup to upper edge) 62 cm
You will need for knitting: 
3 yarn Hank's Laces Shepherd Sock (57 g 197 m, wool for washing in car/nylon) natural color;
Two sets of the stocking spokes (5 pieces) 3.25 and 3.5 mm or spokes, corresponding to the specified density of knitting;
4 transparent gum length 53.5 cm (or length equal to the circumference of the leg above the knee);
Spokes for braids;
Loop markers.
The density of knitting: 24 p. x 36 P. = 10 x 10 cm when knitting stocking viscous spokes of smaller size.

Schematic signs for knitting of openwork Golfs.
PL Add 1 P., Vyvvyzvat persons. Behind the front and back wall. Loops..
On the left side, lift the transverse thread between the last needle and the next loop on the left spoke. Bring the faces. The scraper. Behind the front wall of the hinge.
With the left spokes, lift the transverse thread between the last needle and the next loop on the left spoke. Bring the faces. The scraper. Behind the back wall of the loop.
Arr. 9 of 3 p. LZM, p. Leave on the left spoke, N, (put these 3 p. Persons. Together, without dropping them from the left spokes, N.) 3 times, put these 3 p. Persons. Together and discard from the left spokes-from 3 p. Turns 9.
Knit Mysok
The spokes of a smaller size dial 8 p. Then knit according to the following pattern:
Cl. Series (IP) 8
Cl. Number of 8 persons. On LS lift 8 and. From the inlaid edge. PM at the beginning of the series-16 p.
Evenly distribute the P. 4 Spokes.
Cl. Number of PL, 5 persons, PL, 1 persons., PL, 5 persons., PL, 1 persons. Put in this way, Vyvyazyvat added N., 3 more rows-32 p.
Bring 1 row straight.
Cl. Number of P. In the same way in each 2 p. 4 more times-48 p.
Cl. A number of individuals. To PEFC. 2 p., PM in the new beginning of the series, distribute the CL. Way: 28 persons. (p. Lifting foot), PM, 20 persons. (p. soles).
Knit Stopu
Beg. Knit according to the scheme 1.

Loops of lifting knit on the scheme 1, and loops of a sole stocking viscous. (note: On the left foot of the braid in 1 p. Knit k4p, on the right foot k4l.) Bring 1-17 p. According to the scheme 1 time, and then the next. 14-17, until the foot length is 7 cm less than the length of the soap to the heel, finish 17 p.
Knitting Wedge Lifting Foot
Cl. Number of P. Lifting on Fig., P1L, p. Soles on Fig., P1п-51 p. Prib. N in each 2 row Еche 9 times, the Loops knit faces. -69 p. sl. Number of the lifting under the scheme (number 17) and set aside.
Knit Heel Cup
East. 40 p. Knit Rotary rows According to the following scheme:
Row 1 (HP) 23 persons., stretch, 1 persons., turn.
Series 2 (IP) 1 p. Withdraw, 7, 2VM, 1, turn. Beg. 2.knit by scheme
Cl. Number of short. Series 1-15 on the scheme 2-Ost. 25 p.
Knit ankle
Cl. Series of 25 p. 15 on the scheme 2,

PM in the new beginning of the series and further all the P. Under the scheme. (Note: In the 15th and 17th the 2nd p.). Lay down the scheme 2 to 30 p. inclusive. Reused. 19-30 ranks two more times.
Knit Golenishche
Beg. 3.knit by scheme Switch to larger spokes. Lay the ranks of 1-28 on the scheme 3. Further from the back side knit rows of 1-12, and from the front side rows of 25-28, until the back side will not be connected 9 flowers. Finish 12 p. On the scheme 3.
Knitting gum
Beg. 4.knit by scheme
Bring 1-51 p. On the scheme 4. Bring 1 row of faces. If necessary, close the p., using a larger spokes.

Collecting knitted knee-socks
Wet the gum and let it dry.
To ensure that the knee-highs do not slide, pull 2 transparent rubber bands through the 2 series of holes along the top edge of the gum.

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