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SIZE: 54 centimeters for head circumference 

250 grams of Rosarios 4 Cantabrico yarn, where 120 meters of yarn per 100 grams; 
Spokes usual 4 millimeters. 
The yarn must be taken in 2 threads. 

Type 6 loops and start knitting a garter stitch . 
At the same time add at both edges 6 times every 2 rows of 1 loop. Then knit straight 14 more rows. 
If you add more loops, then your ear will be much wider. If you tie more rows, then similarly your ear will be longer than in the photo. So, you tied 2 identical ears. 

Now we collect everything in one product. To do this, on the long knitting needle, take turns looping from your ears and new ones for the front and back of the cap. Please note that at the beginning the back of the cap will gradually increase and, as a result, will consist of two parts connected by a mattress stitch. For a visual presentation, look at the photo of the pattern.
Thus, you need to add 1 loop, knit with the front viscous (or any other if you do not want the option from the photo) loop of one ear, dial an additional 20 loops for the front of the cap, knit the second eyelet and dial an additional 1 loop. 
Continue knitting hats with your pattern or facial finish, as suggested in the photo. At the same time, add loops to expand the back of the product in each second row on both sides of the knitted fabric 1 times for 2 loops and 1 time for 3 loops. This will be about 8 rows. This will be the full width of your cap. If necessary, you can adjust it by adding more loops in the knitting process. You need to knit about 16 more rows, which will be the height of the cap before narrowing at the crown.
Reduce the following reductions: 1 chrome loop *, 5 faces of loops, 2 loops together with the slope to the right, 2 face loops, 2 loops together with the slope to the left, 5 faces of x loops *, repeat from * to *, 1 chrome i loop 
Reduce the loops in a similar way 3 more times every 2 rows, and pull the remaining loops after 2 rows. Sew a hat on the back with a mattress stitch. 
For the front-lapel dial around the edge of 20 loops and knit garter stitch to the desired height. then close all the loops and attach the lapel in any suitable way. 
For braids, it is necessary to cut off 18 strands 1 meter long each, which fold in half and pass the ears into the bottom and braid them in braids.

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