Knitting Little Converse

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1. To start, choose a yarn (preferably cotton for summer, and acrylic for autumn-winter). Hook number two. The cords are 80cm white.
2. Tie 15 loops 2 lifts of the ascent. and tie in a circle columns without a cape 4 circles. Tying on each rounding (on a cape and a heel) in each loop of 2 columns with a cape. (additions are made on the revs so that the sole is not twisted).
3.That's the kind of sole should you get after 4 laps.
4.On the 5th lap you on the revs stop to add columns and put in each loop 1 stobie and see that you will begin to rise the walls of the booty, as you see in the photo.
5. In the 6th row you attach a crimson thread to a white thread and stick 1 row with columns without a cape. (as pictured)
6. 7th row you are snare white thread columns without a cape. And it should turn out like a striped boat like in the photo.
7. In the middle on both sides, determine the middle of the booty and attach the black yarn. Tie from the middle of the right stoon to the middle of the left side of a row of columns without a cape. You now have a contour, here on it tie from 6 to 8 rows in the top. The last row will be tie with raspberry thread columns without a cape. 
8. Tie in advance the tongues of the keds: 1 row in a ring of yarn to tie 12 columns with a cape, tighten the thread. It's going to be a shell. In the second row in each loop, you will put 2 columns with a cape. In the 3rd row alternate, 1 loop 2 columns with a cape, 2 loops, 1 column with a cape and so on. The shell is ready. Attach to its cut a black yarn and stick up columns with a cape of 8-9 rows. 
It's going to be like this.

9.Sew from the wrong side of the tongue to the resulting kaedin.
10. Cut the laces and tie the bows. If desired, the side of the booties can be decorated with bound balls.

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