Red tunic for girls

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A great outfit for the summer crocheted for girls. Such a tunic topical will look great with shorts, skirts or leggins. The author of the model is Alla Koval. The description of knitting patterns from the SM.

Knitting starts from the back with an element resembling a tongue, then we switch to an openwork pattern from the lush columns in the original. This is 5 reports in length and 4 in width (we make 5 in width), after it a strap with loops, and in the opposite direction similarly This measure on the figure is adjusted to fit. Further, according to my assumptions, without taking the threads from one of the sides, we pass to the upper level of the rows of half-shells with ruffles, we knit them in straight and reverse rows, tying everything that was imposed but also taking into account the eyelets.

Description and diagram  from here , you can see a step-by-step master class. 
So the first scheme of the back.   Dial 19 cent. n. + 6 more for the ring, in the 7th loop from the hook cc, c. etc., ssn, and so to the end of the series, then, according to the scheme, we knit with turning rows 11 rows. In the process, changes were made to the scheme (strip): 12 rows - 3 in. homing, SSN, 15 SSN through the 1 st century. Item 13, row - 32 CLOs. 
Next, go to the openwork from the lush columns, knit 5 reports in width and 5 in length, continue with the 2 rows of the circuit. At whom the size will demand even on the report in length that we safely add. 
Scheme azhura  020  it's the same number 2 (only without pico). 
 The last row tied with the RLS, I got 32.

After 5 reports of azhura we knit the bar from the PS (half-pit) as straight and in reverse rows I think where there are 5 rows, but you can not guess where it is yet where it will stop because there is no other side symmetrical, so I would rewind the thread on the cardboard and leave this side, on the other, linking the second side of the measure on the child and see that they were the same, we bind both strips, if that's what we do not forget about the buttons under the buttons.

 This is a scheme of tying (4 in.... Lifting instead of 3).

So what we have, we have a tongue and 2 strips on the sides joined together partially. Now we need to tie all this RNC case around in the lower part where the skirt will go and on the top where the coquette will continue. The sequence of their implementation, each will choose himself, but I wanted to continue with skirts.

Strapping I did 2 RLS in each row except for the magnificent rows there for 3 sb and in rows with polustolbikov alternated 1 and 2 sb, on the arc in each ssn. The next row of arches from the SSN and 1 in. etc., after 1 cbn of the lower row, it is very important here at the transition to the arc (the remainder from the tongue) to be made as shown by the lilac color in Scheme 1, ie, the point is that the column from the 3SN which later borders on the front and the back from 12 rows of our strip, on the arc I have 71 sbn    rest, went on. So our skirt, it consists of 3 tiers and 2 patterns, the pattern on the back comes with an extension, so we do the increments competently (I prepare the sketch-sketch) that there should be a smooth transition from the pattern to the pattern. The first tier of 7 reports / 6 wedges, the second tier of 11 reports / 10 cl., The third tier of 16 reports / 15 cl. 
Scheme skirt with transitions 1 tier - 6 wedges / 7 reports, the fastening points of the next tier are shown in dotted lines.  

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