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Sizes: 36-40 (42-44 / 46-48)

You will need:

500/550/600 g yarn type VOLANTE from ggh yellowish-white color Nr. 8 and 50 g of sea-green yarn No. 18 (55% merino wool, 45% cotton, 130 m / 50 g), knitting needles No. 4.

Gum: alternately 2 face, 2 purl loops.


With each change of color in the 1st persons. R. knit facial, then knit gum, as before.

The main pattern:

Knit according to the scheme, which shows only persons. rows.

In izn. knit rows knit on the pattern, nakida - purl.

Knit from the 1st to the 2nd p., And then constantly repeat from the 3rd to the 6th row.

The density of knitting is 24 points and 28 rubles. = 10 x 10 cm.


Yellowish-white thread dial 122 (134/146) n. And knit with a rubber band, in the 1st w. row start with chrome. p., 1 person. n and 2 int. n., and finish 1 persons. n., chrome. P.

At heights of 4 cm, continue with the main pattern = chrome. p. 10 (11/12) x rapport of 12 p., chrome. P.

After 52 cm, after the 6th row of the pattern, knit with a rubber band, as at the beginning of the work, while knitting 2 p. yellowish-white thread, 4 p. sea-green, 8 p. yellowish white and 3 p. sea ​​green. 

Then close the loop thread navy blue.

Before: knit as back.


Thread navy-colored dial 50 (50/62) p. And knit 3 rows of thread color Mosca waves, 8 p. yellowish-white thread and 3 p. the color of the sea wave, with the 1st of R. start with chrome. p., 1 person. n., 2 out. n. and finish 1 persons. n and chrome 

Now yellow-white thread knit 1 out. R. purl, then knit main pattern = chrome. p., 4 (4/5) x repeat of 12 p., chrome. P.  

At the same time for bevel sleeves on both sides in each 6th p. add 11 x 1 p. and in each 4th p. 13 x 1 p. (In every 4 r. Add 30 x 1 p. / In every 4 p. Add 30 x 1 p.) = 98 (110/122) p.

At a height of 50 cm, after the 6th row of the pattern, close all the loops.

The second sleeve is similar.

Spread out the parts and allow to dry under a wet towel.

First perform shoulder seams approximately 13 (15/17) cm. 

Next, insert the sleeves, then complete the seams of the sleeves and side seams.

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