Extravagant dress dress with pockets

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Extravagance is when a little "too." Visually pulling bright stripes, deliberate negligence in the performance is unusual and peculiar. This sundress is designed to attract attention, to surprise. Knitted using different colors of yarn. Youth model is suitable for everyday life young fashionistas. The model is executed by a front smooth surface, simple in execution.
Size : XS (S; M; L; XL)

You will need :

CATANIA yarn (100% cotton; 50 g / 125 m): 300 (300; 350; 350; 400) g № 00258 of pink-red color, 200 (250; 250; 300; 300) g № 00242 gray, 100 ( 100; 150; 150; 200) g No. 00263 pale pink, 50 (50; 100; 100; 100) g No. 00249 golden brown.
Spokes number 2.5.
Circular needles No. 2 with a length of 40 cm perlon string and 80 cm.
Elm. pin.
Patterns and types of loops : Res. 2 × 2 faces Ch.

Knitting density : 10 x 10 cm = 26 p. X 33 p. individuals. Ch.

Completing of the work

Back : dial pink-red color dial 74 (86; 98; 112; 124) n. And elm. individuals. Ch., at the same time start with the 1st of izn. R. To form the sides on both sides approx. in the 10th person. R. from the typesetting edge 1 time 1 p. and in each trace. 12th p. 12 times on 1 p. = 100 (112; 124; 138; 150) p. For approx. at the beginning of r. after chrome. p. knit 1 p., then individuals. cross p. from a transverse thread, knit all p. except the last 2 p., elm. 1 person cross the item from a cross thread, 1 persons. n and chrome n. At a height of 50 cm (= through 165 p.) Elm. further 10 p. gray thread, 30 p. golden thread and 4 p. pink-red thread = 13.5 cm faces. Ch. Then finish the part with a thread of pale pink color.

At the same time for the formation of the sides of the ub. on both sides in the 1st persons. The river connected by a thread of gray color, 1 time 1 item, then * in each 6th river. 2 times in 1 p. And in the 4th p. 1 times 1 p. *, Repeat from * to * another 3 times = 74 (86; 98; 112; 124) p. For ub. at the beginning of r. knit chrome. n. and 1 persons. p., then 2 persons. n. vm., tie all n. to the end of the river., except the last 4 n., then 2 persons. n. with a broach (= fn. 1 pp., knit 1 pp. and stretch through the pp.), 1 p. n., chrome. P.
For the formation of an armhole at a height of 23.5 (23.5; 22.5; 22; 20.5) cm from the beginning of the band, connected by a gray thread, close 3 p. On both sides and in each trace. 2nd p. 2 (3; 5; 7; 8) times for 3 p., Then on both sides ub. 7 (10; 9; 9; 10) times in 2 points, as described above, when performing lateral bevels. The remaining 42 (42; 44; 46; 50) p. Elm. straight. At a total height of 91.5 cm all n. Close.

Before : elm as well as the back, but at a height of 23.5 (23.5; 22.5; 22; 20.5) cm from the beginning of the band tied with a gray thread, and at the same time as vyvyazyvaniem arm. for the formation of a V-shaped neckline, central 2 p. on the elm. pin and finish each part separately. At the same time on both sides of the sun. to cut the neckline ub. 1 time in the next 4th p. and 16 (16; 17; 18; 20) times in every 2nd p. 1 p. 
to kill on the right side is an elm. to the last 4 pp, then 2 pp vm. individuals. with broach, 1 person. n and chrome n., on the left side elm. chrome p., 1 person. p., then 2 persons. n vm., tie the remaining n. 2nd p. close the remaining 3 p.

Bottom side detail : gray thread on the needles No. 2.5 dial 54 points and elm. individuals. Ch., 1st p. - ex. side. At a height of 50 cm (= 165 p.) Close all n.

The second lower side part  elm. same.

Upper side part : gray thread on the needles No. 2.5 dial 38 points and elm. individuals. Ch. starting from 1st of w. R. At a height of 39.5 (39.5; 38.5; 38; 36.5) cm, close the central 2 points and finish each part separately, with each second pt. on both sides of the center close another 6 times for 3 p. The total height is 43.5 (43.5; 42.5; 42; 40.5) cm. The second upper side detail is an elm. same.

Assembly and processing The
upper 23.5 (23.5; 22.5; 22; 20.5) cm of the upper side part should be sewn to the corresponding sides of the back and front (see * on the patterns). Sew the sides of the lower side part to the corresponding sides of the back and the shelf connected by a pink-red thread. From izn. side of the product to perform the remaining side seams. Typesetting edge and 20 cm from the sides of the typesetting edge of the upper side part to sew to the bottom side part with izn. sides so as to make a pocket. Sew the second upper side part to the bottom side part as well.
Neck and shoulder strap: on long circular knitting needles with gray thread, dial 21 (25; 25; 25; 25) points for the first shoulder strap, then dial 40 (40; 44; 46; 50) points along the edge of the neckline neckline elm individuals. taking 2 p. with elm. pins, dial 40 (40; 44; 46; 50) points along the other edge of the neckline from the front; dial 21 (25; 25; 25; 25) points for the second shoulder strap = 124 (132; 140; 144; 152 ) P.

Elm. res. 2 × 2, with the central 2 p. In persons. R. to knit the faces. reception in izn. R. - ex. Reception, in the 1st w. R. after chrome. to start elm with 2 ex. p., to the central 2 p. elm. alternating 2 persons., 2 ex. p., knit izn. receiving central 2 p., the remaining p. knit on the figure. Also in every persons. R. elm. 1 p. To the central p., Then 2 persons. n vm. nn, 1 n. to tie the faces. receiving and stretching through the sun. p. At a height of 3.5 cm close all p. Sew the edges of the bake (3.5 cm) to the neckline of the back of the neck.

Armhole armhole : gray thread on short circular needles dial from the front of the 44 (48; 56; 64; 68) paragraph, along the edge of the shoulder strap 20 (24; 24; 24; 24) paragraph and from the back of the 60 (64; 72; 80; 88) the item (= 132 (136; 144; 152; 160) item) and elm. res. 2 × 2. At a height of 3.5 cm, close all p. The second armhole arm of elm. same. 
Finishing the bottom edge: with a gray thread on the long circular needles on the bottom edge of the product, dial 244 (268; 292; 320; 344) paragraph and, for a narrow twisting strip, knit 5 r. from reception, then close all n.

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