Flared white dress crochet free pattern

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Size: 40 

You will need: yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic) - white 400 g for a dress and 150 g for mitts, needles No. 4, set of 5 short knitting needles. 

Knitting technique. 
Pearl pattern: knit alternately 2 persons. n and 2 int. p., shifting the pattern by 2 p. in each 3rd row. 
Wrong surface: persons. R. - izn. n., izn. R. - persons. p. 
Relief patterns: knit according to schemes 1 and 2. 
Elastic 1x1: knit alternately 1 person. n. and 1 out. p. 


Before. Dial 140 p., Knit 2 rows of purl stitch. Then knit as follows: at the beginning and at the end of a row, knit 27 p. With a pearl pattern, knit a relief pattern in the center according to scheme 1, knitting on 4 p. At a height of 10 cm, begin to make a decrease in the pearl pattern in each 6th row, 1 p. On each side. At a height of 53 cm for armhole on both sides close on 3 p., Then 6 times x 1 p. In each 4th row. At a height of 7 cm from the start of knitting close all the loops. 

Back. Knit the same before. 

Sleeves. Type 70 points, knit with a relief pattern, diminishing on both sides in each 4th row 6 times x 1 point. Close the loops at a height of 13 cm. 

Assembly. Sew front and back, sew the sleeves. On the edge of the neckline dial 90 p., Knit 4 cm with 1x1 rubber band. Close the loop. 


Dial 33 p., Divided into 4 needles. Knit round a 5 cm elastic band 1x1. Then knit 30 cm according to scheme 2, adding 2 points in each 6th row, including them in the general pattern. At a height of 35 cm from the start of knitting, knit another 5 cm with an elastic band 1x1 and close the loop. From the inside sew gum.

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