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Size 100 x 120 cm 
You need: Berger de France Alaska yarn (50% acrylic, 50% polyamide, 50 g / 55 m) - 21 skeins of melange color (212.731); Berger de France Teddy yarn (100% polyamide, 50 g / 80 m) - 1 motoxin (293.661); 

Berger de France Cocoon (70% acrylic, 25% mohair, 5% alpaca, 50 g / 70 m) - 1 motorcycle (293.881); lips number 6; 1 bezel button 25 mm in diameter. 

Shawl knitting needles number 6: persons. and izn. R. - persons. p. 

Jacquard, needles number 6: knit according to the scheme. Take 1 skein for each pattern, well cross the thread with each change of color. 

Knitting tightness. Plantation viscous: 13 items and 28 r. = 10 x 10 cm

Job Description: Gather 130 items with Alaska thread. Knit shawl knit. After 14 cm (= 40 p.) From the set edge, continue with the following pattern: 15 p. Garlic viscous thread Alaska, 55 p. Jacquard according to the scheme, 60 p. Alaska thread, 2 face, Teddy thread, 91 face, Alaska thread). 

After the 71st p. Schemes to continue Alaska garter stitch on all loops. 120 cm (= 336 p.) From the dial edge, close all the loops. Make a 9 cm Cocoon thread with a Cocoon thread and fasten it on the heel (see location). For the eye, sew on a scarecrow (see location on the diagram).       

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