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cute jumper model knitted from 5.5 mm knitting needles from soft yarn Alpaca. 

Knitting models begin from a simple model looking at the patterns described in the description. These diagrams show what should be done with the patterns in the pattern. 

Dimensions: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL. 

Materials: DROPS AIR yarn (70% alpaca, 23% polyamide, 7% wool, 50 g / 150 m) 6-6-7-8-8-9 sweeps of color 01, stocking needles and curved 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm. 

Knitting density: 16 loops and 20 rows = 10x10 cm with viscous knitting needles 5.5 mm; 18 stitches and 35 rows = 10x10 cm with a patch pattern on the spokes of 4.5 mm. 

Description of knitting.

Note: all rows are shown on all patterns. The pullover is knitted from the top down along the circle, the sleeves are knitted on each other. 

Supplements (basic detail): nakid, 2 pts, marker, 2 pts, naid. Sled circle knit crossbred. loops. 

Addiction (ruĸava): remove 1 p. ĸаĸ persons., 1 person. P., Stretch the looped loop of the connected, 1 person. P., Brand, 1 person. P. 2 p. 

Yoke: on the buttons 4.5 mm type 76-80-84-88-92-96 n. And perform 4 circles with a plastic shaker. 

Go to the needles of 5.5 mm and execute 1 Circle face. P., Evenly add 24 p. = 100-104-108-112-116-120 p. Associate with p. track. int.p.
Now continue with the pattern: A.1, A.2 on the next. 5-5-5-5-5-10 paragraph (1/2 of the back), A.3, A.4, A.3 (ruĸav), A.5, A.1 on the next. 10-10-10-10-15-20 p., A.2 on the trail. 1-2-3-4-5-1 p. (Front), A.3, A.4, A.3 (sleeve), A.5 per sled. 2-3-4-5-1-2 p., A.1 to Sec. 5-5-5-5-10-10 p. 

Continue knitting according to the pattern, making the additions so that ĸаĸ is shown in Schemes A.2, A.4 and A.5 (i.e. additions are performed from each side from the loops to Scheme A.4 in each 2nd round). 

New harnesses knit pattern. Patterns according to schemes A.1 and A.3 are repeated vertically.
After 1 vert. according to schemes A.2, A.4 and A.5, continue to execute the deliveries in an analogous manner on each side of each схемы each scheme A.3 of the whole 14-16-19-21-24-27 times (incl. settings according to the early circuits) = 212 -232-260-280-308-336 p. Farther knit all the loops according to the pattern, i.e. with a patch pattern on the hems of the scarves and a stocking on the loops knitted to the height of the yoke 20-22-23-25-27-29 cm. 
Blead. To a friend to knit all looped wear, move the loop of the hands to the hub. Knitting needles, instead of them for undercuts of the hands, dial a new 8-10-10-10-10-8 p. 

Basic detail: = 142-154-166-182-202-222 p. Continue knitting from the outside. stocking knit, put on the marker in the center of the undercut loops. 

After 4 cm from podrezy add 1 p. On each side of the markers (see additions).

Reclaim the range of additions every 4 cm throughout 6-6-7-7-6-6 p. = 166-178-194-210-226-246 p. 

After 34-34-35-35-35-35 cm, perform 4.5 mm on the spitz 6 circles with a patch pattern, close the loop with 5.5 mm needles. 

Sleeves: transfer the stockings of 5.5 mm to the stockings with pending loops, it is possible to lift it along the edge of the cut at 1 loop from each cut loop = 51-59-67-69-73-73 p 

Continue knitting in the pattern, but the new loops of the undersize are knitted with a plate pattern. 

After 3 cm from undercut add 1 p. From each side of the marquee (see the addenda). 

Reclaim the circle of decreases through every 51 / 2-4-21 / 2-2-2-2 cm just 6-8-12-12-14-12 p. = 39-43-43-45-45-49 p.

At the same time, after 5 cm from the undercut, continue knitting. chukochny viscous on all the heels. 
After 38-37-36-34-33-31 cm, go to the spokes of 4.5 mm and start knitting with 1x2 rubber (1 pp, 2 p. With a pad pattern), while in the 1st circle, add 0-1-1 -0-0-1 p. = 39-42-42-45-45-48 p. 

Through 43-42-41-39-38-36 cm free to close the loop in the figure. 

Similarly, knit the second hand. ‍ ‌ ‍

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