Crochet White Top Free Pattern

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Crochet White Top :
Size: 36/38 
Material: 350 g White (FB 1) "Elastico 
Big "(96% Cotton, 4% polyester, LL 
= 105 g) by Lana Grossa. Depending on 
1 Pair IANA-grossa-fast knit-N 
NR 4.5 and 5 and 1 Lana-Grossa- 
Round-Stnck-N nr 5 and 1 Lana-Grossa- 
Crochet N nr 4. A flower button (art.-NR 
26533, 15 mm) in White by Union button. 
Rib pattern A: M-Number divisible by 
6 + 2 RDM. Each r starts and ends with 
1 RDM. m re, 4m Li, 1 
Always reps; Back: M str as they appear. 
Rib pattern B: M-Number divisible by 
4 + 2 + 2 RDM. Each R starts and 
Ends with 1 rdm. Hinr: M Li, 2 m Re, 
from * always reps, ends with 2 m Li; 
M str as they appear. 
Lace pattern: M-Number divisible by 6 + 
2 RDM. Lt Knitted font arb. Drawn 
Are the back and forth. Between the 
RDM always reps The MS and the 1 8. R. 
Mesh Sample in lace pattern •. 
19.5 m and 30 r 10 x 10 cm; 
Rib pattern B (slightly stretched 
Measuring): 21 m and 25 R = 10 x 10 cm. 

Front piece: 74 m with n NR 4.5 in 
Cross Stop Conn (see p. 31) and 
For the waistband 21 cm in rib pattern a 
Street. Then with N nr 5 in the lace pattern 
Weiterab. For the armholes 
After 18 cm = 54 R from Bund Beids 1 
M, the m in between STR, as you 
Appear The successor as follows STR: 
RDM, x each 2 m re zusstr, 2 m Li, AB 
Always reps, ends with 2 x each 2 m re zusstr, 
RDM 48 m. Then in the rib pattern 
(b) Weiterarb. After 17.5 cm = 44 R AB 
Change of pattern all m shut down. 
Back part: Same, but in 1. R 
From pattern change work in 4 strips 
Å 12 m and over all strips 
Separated in rib pattern B weiterarb, 
The RDM in the back and back of the St. 
After 20 cm = 50 R ab Pattern change 
Shut the M down. 
Completion: for the neck diaphragm 
Starting in the middle of the rückw the 
Decommissioned each 12 m of the two Li 
Strips to take the circular knit n 
and Abstr, 12 m for the LI shoulder conn, 
The 48 set-aside m of the front part on 
The n Take and Abstr, 12 m for the 
BACK shoulder conn and the set-aside 
Each 12 m of the two re rückw strips 
Take the N and Abstr. Then over 
All 120 m in rib pattern B over 2.5 
CM = 6 R str. Then cast off all m as 
They appear. Close side seams. 
At the in the wearing back part half 
Directly below the Abkettkante a 
Crochet buttonhole loop from 4 LFTM. 
Sew button. 

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