Cape for women Leaves

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Sizes: S (M) L (XL) XXL. 

The maximum length of the sleeves: 128 (132) 134.5 (137) 140.5 cm. 

Sleeve circumference: 82.5 (87) 91.5 (96) 100.5 cm. 

We will need: 

yarn, 25% cotton, 75% acrylic, (100g by 187m) - 500 (600) 600 (700) 700g; 
circular cn. No5,5; 
hook No5,5. 

pearl pattern: number of n. Even. 
1 p. (l. side): * 1l., 1i. * - from * to * - repeat at all p .; 

2p .: on rice-nku. 

For the pattern we repeat these two r. 

3n. together with a tilt to the right: enter the right cn. in the 3rd, then in the 2nd, then in the 1st n. from left to right and knit them in 1l. for the upper lobules; 
3n. together with a tilt to the left: we knit three paragraphs together in 1l. from right to left for the lower segments. 
Mating density: 16p. on 18r. this is 10cm by 10cm.

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