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Size: 105 to 138 

You will need for a rug: 600 g of thick dairy yarn, Round needles No. 8. 

Knitting strength: 10 cm = 14 stitched knit loops. 

The “false bundle” pattern is connected with the spokes: For the sample, dial 24 loops (the number should be divisible by 4, the edging ones are included in this account). 

1st row: 2 ws, follow 2 n to tie up like this: first the 2nd loop of faces behind the back wall, then the first face loop behind the front loop. Repeat from the beginning of the row. 

2nd order: 2 persons, 1 iz, 1 nakid, 1 izn. Repeat from the beginning of the row. 

3rd row: 2 life, 2 persons. Repeat c start row. 

4th row: 2 persons, 2 places from the outside, 1 out. Repeat from the beginning of the series. 

5th order: restart from the first order. 

Brushes of a length of 10 cm will give your view a Roshoshny look. ‍‍ ‍

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