Crochet Pencil Case Pattern

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So, we will need: - a jar from under the cotton buds; - multi-colored thread (I have "iris"); - two plastic containers from under the shoe covers; - scissors, hook (I used the hook No. 1,15 and No. 2), thread and needle.

We remove the covers from the containers, we do not need them. And we tie them in a spiral, i. E. 4 loop the air loop, then 6 tbsp. without a crochet, 12 tbsp. without a crochet, etc. applying to the container and to the eye. 
This will be our eye, so we select the thread accordingly.

These are the convex glazisch we get:

Next, we begin to tie the bottom of the jar, I did it in two strings for speed crochet number 2. For the bottom, I use the colors of threads that I rarely use.

In each row, I make an increase in the eye, so that the circle is flat. When it becomes the right size, I do not increase.

For the jar, I chose rainbow colors, I love the rainbow (the rainbow is a symbol of reconciliation):

Then we sew our eyes:

And we embroider our mouth:

And a positive pencil is ready. It can be not only a pencil, but a jar for rubberies, buttons and other small things. And also you can make a pencil as a gift to a man, only by changing the colors and removing the embroidered smile.))) But I did not do it.))

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