Knitted Fashion Hand Bag Idea

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Great news for those who know how to knit! This year, as never before, fashionable knitted bags ! Large and small, bags crocheted and knitted, decorated with complex patterns or simply knitted by ordinary knitting. 

So, girls, we fill our leisure not just with the soothing nerves of knitting, but also with the creation of fashionable bags. And do not wait for summer. It used to be that knitted bags are accepted only in the summer. The current fashion trends allow you to combine knitted bags with warm jackets, knitted sweaters and even with fur coats. 

By the way, knitting bags is also a considerable saving. An anti-crisis measure, so to speak. Looking at the prices that "decorate" fashion bags(from one and a half thousand rubles and above), hands and stretch to the thread and hook. 

Famous designers have already started knitting bags. And celebrities, whose hands do not reach knitting, have already bought themselves this fashion accessory

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