Knitted heart coasters In the diagram a small heart

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To associate such as in the photo, you need to dial 11 vp and knit 10 rows of st b / n, then 1 ce for lifting and 9 st with 2 / n in the middle of one side of the square, st b / n at the corner of the square, and 9 st with 2 / n in the middle of the other side of the square. Between the columns tying 1 in. 
Next piping: 1p .: st s / n and between them 1 vp - on the sides of the square through a row (at the corner of a square 2 tablespoons / n and between them 1 cf) and to each ce between st с 2 / н, 2р. : arms from 3 v. p.

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