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It happens that quite good things are lying in the closet. The reasons for this may be many. In knitwear, for example, the neck may be too small (in children's clothes this is found at every step) or just the size has become too small. There is a way to change the model without dressing and with the help of a simple technique to turn a pullover into a blouse. For this you need to cut it correctly. FROM PULOVER TO CARDIGAN OR HOW TO CORRECTLY CUT THE KNITTED THING. MK. What you need to do this Step 1. Find the center of the front and plan it passing a thread of contrast color between the hinges (this is important!)

Step 2. We select the matching color threads (as you can see, the contrast in this case looks very interesting) and the hook. Fold the product along the intended line and grabbing the threads closest to the loop line we knit a series of semi-columns. How this is done can be clearly seen in the picture. Repeat the same on the other side. 

This is what should happen. In my opinion very nice. 

Now take the scissors and cut the threads of the center line. As you can see, it is very simple, you just need to do everything carefully. 

I just crocheted the neckline. 

Now we just type loops on the knitting needles for knitting the strap as we usually do. Knit the bar. 
And here is the result. Looks just great!

This method does not require additional fastening of the cut edge, the crochet harness perfectly holds it. 

Beautiful and enjoyable rework.

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