Knitting Bag Pattern

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Size: approximately 35-25 cm. 
For knitting the bag you will need: 350 g of coal-gray yarn, straight and circular needles No. 3, 3 buttons.

Knitting density: 15 loops wide = 10 cm.

braid patternPattern of braid: knit according to scheme M. 1. The diagram is shown from the front side. To unfasten the braid, remove the 3 n on the additional spoke and leave behind the work, 3 persons, tie off the face 3 loops removed on the extra spoke.  

Grooming (on circular knitting needles): 1 circular row - facial loops, 2 circular row - purl loops. 
Stretch knitting (straight rows): knit all the rows with facial loops. 

Holes for buttons: close 1 n and in the next row, type a new n. The bag knits in a circle on the circular knitting needles.

How to knit a bag with braids.
Dial 88 knitting needles on knitting needles, knit 8 circular rows of garter stitch. In the last circular row, evenly add 132 loops = 220 loops. Continue to knit according to the scheme M.1. At an altitude of 18 cm continue to knit with garter stitch, while evenly cutting 145 loops in the first circular row = 75 loops. In the 8th round garter row, make 3 holes for the buttons of one of the sides of the bag as follows: 9 loop faces, close 1 hole loop, 8 faces, close 1 n, 8 faces, close 1 n to close the row to the end. Bind four more circular rows of garter stitch series and close the hinges.

Handles for bags
Type 6 loops on circular knitting needles, knit with garter stitching 50 cm high. Loops close. Tie 2 the handle.
How to assemble a knitted bag
Sew the bottom seam. Attach both handles from opposite sides of the bag to get a double handle. Attach the handles in such a way that the holes for the buttons are on one of the sides of the bag. Sew the buttons opposite the holes.

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