Crochet bag of square motifs on the button

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Convenient bag on two handles crocheted of motifs. 

SIZE 56 x 56 cm YOU WILL BE NEEDED Melange yarn (100% wool; 100 m / 50 g) - 150 g each of blue-green-red (= color A), green-lilac-yellow (= color B), 100 g blue- purple color (= color C); hook number 5; two buttons with a diameter of 3.5 cm. PATTERNS AND SCHEMES OF SQUARES Tie 16 yarn into a cotton ring. b / n and close the row with 1 conn. Art. in the ring (= 1st circular row). Then knit together. the scheme of the 2–8th circular rows, with each circular row starting with the number of ce points indicated on the diagram. and finish the connection. Art. MAIN PATTERN

Knit in rows in the forward and reverse direction of art. b / n, with each row starting with 1 additional ce lifting. 


data given in brackets refer to the back side. 


1 square = 20 x 20 cm. 


Tie 13 squares in total: 6 with a thread of color B, 4 with a thread of color A and 3 with a thread of color C. 

Arrange the squares according to the drawing and sew them. The edges of the top 4 squares remain open. 


upper edge of the bag is tied with 1 circular row of Art. b / n, while at the outer corners to perform on 3 tbsp. b / n and in the inner corners to reduce by 3 p. 

Now tie the handles using the remaining yarn. 


For the 1st handle, attach at the top zigzag of the front side 5 tbsp. b / n, then knit the main pattern with 90 rows and sew the end of the handle to another zigzag of the front side. 

The second handle on the back to tie the same. The edges of the handles and the edges of the bag tie Comm. Art., using for this rapport contrast color. 

In conclusion, to knit another line in the middle of the handles. 


Tie buttons. To do this, tie in a cotton ring 6 tbsp. b / n and close the circular row using Comm. Art. (= 1st circular row). Then knit as follows: 

2nd circular row: tie 2 tbs. Into each loop. b / n = 12 tbsp. b / n; 

3rd circular row: in every 2nd loop tie 2 tbsp. b / n = 18 art. b / n;

4th circular row: every 2nd and 3rd century. b / n knit together, putting the button = 12 Art. b / n; 

5th circular row: constantly knit 2 tbsp. b / n together and the remaining hinges pull. 

Buttons sew in the middle to the top edge of the bag. 

Photo: magazine “Diana Creative” # 9/21015 

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