Slippers rustic knitting

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Tie the sole to the size of the foot, I knitted in the form of an insole, two soles at the same time to avoid the difference. 

After the score loop of the perimeter of the sole (91 in my loop, foot size 35-36), knit 4 rows in a circle, and then find the center on the toe (4 sts) and knit as follows: 
2 faces., Nakid, 1 faces., 2 faces together. Behind the back walls, turn knitting. 
2 knit, knit knit., Nakid, 1 knit., 2 knit., Turn knitting. 

Continue knitting making sc at the end of the series and povarachivaya knitting until you have in the middle of the 10 in the middle of the loop perel.Nabranye alternate the 2 persons PHI 2, and vice versa (pattern thread waste 2 * 2).. 

Then knit 4 rows without additions, only provyazyvat 2 loops together at the end of the rows and twist the heel knitting. 

In the next rows, again make additions in the middle (bring loops to 18 together with extreme facial ones), knit them two together (extreme faces. Toe cutter with the next loop of the sole). they did before.

When on the knitting needles 44 loops remain, finish off the toe off and go to the 2 * 2 gum. Tying 10 rows around the circle to break the circle by closing the two central loops that are on the front of the slipper, and knit the lapel of the desired length. Slippers are very warm, comfortable to stand on. 
To tie up the sole and the top with a stride step, a stride step is my weakness.


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