knit cap free pattern

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To do this, use one of the following schemes: 
When the cap is ready, you can begin to decorate it. 
We knit the daisies as follows: first you need to tie 6 air loops and close them into a ring. Further, in this ringlet we knit 6 columns without single crochet, this will be the 1st row of chamomile. Now the 2nd row - in each loop of the first row we knit 2 Art. (it should be a total of 12 articles of biology). The 3rd row - for the front half loops, we knit 1 air., 1 deaf loop (otherwise called a connecting stitch), the 4th row - for the rear half loops of the 2nd row, knit 18 columns. BN, 5 nd row - knit the same as the 3rd row. As a result, we get the middle flowers. Now we attach a white thread and we knit the petals: for the back half-loops of the middle one we knit a chain of 12 height, then in the 3rd loop from the hook we knit 1 p stb., 7 tbsp N., 1pstb., 1stb.b. .and tie the whole petal with connecting loops. At the top of the petal, we take 2 air loops, etc. round. Thus, it should be 18 petals. Ready chamomile otparivaem from the wrong side.More
Also, you can use other flowers that are crocheted to decorate the hats.

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