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As reported on Friday morning the newspaper Corriere della Sera, in Rome in 74, died the famous Italian designer Laura Biagiotti, known throughout the world as the "Queen of Cashmere." She became the ancestor of a new unique style, based on a combination of knitwear and fabric.
"Elegance, taste and creativity belong to the Italian tradition for centuries, and I would like to share this privilege with all other Italian designers," Laura said.
The era... Time, like sand, wakes up through your fingers. New names will appear on the place of old idols. The king died, long live the king. But we will remember them all: Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Alexandra McQueen, Sonia Rickel.

Source : https://vk.com/irinblizzard_knit?w=wall-83459950_2424%2Fall

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