White Elegant Gloves Free Pattern

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Materials: Yarn PRISMA Seam (70% merino wool, 30% viscose), 50 gr/145 m; Set of 2.5. 

Facial surface: In a circle. P. Knit only persons. P. 

Elastic band 1х3: on variable 1 of. N. and 3 persons. P 

Openwork Pattern: Knit according to the scheme. The digits from the right edge are marked with a circle. Rows of the pattern. In the intermediate circle. P. Loops knit on the figure, scum knit faces. In a circle. P. Repeat 8 p. raport between the arrows 1 and 2. in height to perform 1 time from the 1st to the 38-th circle. R., then repeat from the 27th to 38th round. R. 

The rights of the Mitenka: on hosiery spokes to dial 48, distribute them evenly on 4 spokes, to close in a ring and to tie a rubber band of 1х 3 9 Series. 

Then continue the openwork pattern, linking from 1 to 26 circular series on the scheme. At the same time in the first round. P. 2 times to execute loops from the arrow 1 to the Arrow 4 (1st and 2nd spokes form the inner side of the hand, and the outer side of the 3rd and 4th spokes). 

Starting with 27 circular rows on the hinges of the inner side knit alternately 1 of. P. and 5 persons. By a stitch, on loops of an external party-on a scheme, repeating numbers from 27 to 37 ranks. 

In the 28th circular row reduce all purls loops, tying 1 persons. P. and 1 of. P. Together (see photo). Total on the 1st and 2nd spokes 21 loops and on the 3rd and 4th spokes 21 loops. 

Then knit straight 10 circular rows. In 11 circular p. After the decrease of purl loops to mark for a wedge of a thumb 2-th p. 1-st Spokes and then before and after the marked loop to add on 1 p., to execute on 1 scale. The scum in the trail. Circle. P. To touch the faces. The scraper. On the trail. Circle. Row before the 1st and after the 2nd added loops again to add on 1 p., carrying out of scale, and to touch them in a trace. Circle. P. Persons. The scraper. Thus to add in each 2nd circle. P. Another 5 x 2 p. = 15 p. Wedge. Then these 15 p. Transfer to the auxiliary spoke and re-dial for the bridge 5 p. (see photo). 

Next knit on 46 p. Circle. P., while on the outside of the hand continue to perform openwork pattern and in the trail. Circle. Row to reduce the 2 p. Bridge, for which the first loop in front of the bridge and the first loop bridge to bring together persons., 3 persons. Loops, and a trace. 2 p.-Persons together. On the trail. 2nd round. P. Continue the decrease by tying together, the knitted loop from the decrease together with the next bridge loop, 1 persons. N., and the trail. 2 p.-Persons together. = 42 P. Next again knit straight. Projazin 3.5 zigzag openwork pattern finish. 

Then knit on all loops 3х1 Rubber band. At the same time reduce evenly in the first circular row of gum 2 loops. After 9 rows of loop close. 


For thumb to include in the work postponed 15 p. and re-dial on the bridge 8 p., only 23 p. Distribute them to 3 spokes and knit faces. Smooth circle. In the following circular series, the bridge loops close. For this, the first 2 p. Projazat together persons., 4 persons. And the last 2 p. Get Together persons. On the trail. 2nd round. Number of the first 2 of the bridge to bring together persons., 2 persons. And the last 2 p. Get Together persons. In the next roundabout the remaining 2 loops of the bridge to carry together reverse loops and to continue to knit a finger a rubber band 1х3. Total Rubber Band to tie 8 circle. P. then loop close. 

Left Mitenka: To knit symmetrically, thus loops for a thumb to add the 1st time before and after the 2nd p. 1st Spokes.

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