White Tunic Dress Free Pattern

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Backrest: Spokes № 4 to dial 100 loops.
Knit facial smoothness to a height of 32 cm.
Next knit: 32 Loop Rubber Band 2 * 2, 36 loops pattern on the circuit, 32 loops Rubber Band 2 * 2.
At an altitude of 48 cm. From the beginning of work, to replace a pattern of a scheme on a front surface, to continue to knit an elastic band as before.
At an altitude of 54 cm. From the beginning of work, begin to carry out the decrease for Reglan: Reduce on each side in each second row 2 loops-2 times and 1 Loop-22 times.
At an altitude of 72 cm. Close all loops.

Before: Start as a backrest.
At an altitude of 65 cm. From the beginning of the work start shaping the neckline, for which close the central 36 hinges, finish the sides separately.
Lower each side of the neck in each second row 3 loops-1 time and 2 loops-1 time.
Close the hinges at the height of the backrest.

Sleeve: № 4 spokes to dial 50 loops.
2 * 2 – 4 cm rubber band.
Knit a number of facial loops, simultaneously add 24 loops evenly along this row.
Continue to knit the front surface to a height of 18 cm. From the beginning of work.
Further knitting: 19 loops of a face smooth, 36 loops on a scheme, 19 loops a face smooth.
At an altitude of 34 cm. From the beginning of work, knit the front surface on all loops.
At an altitude of 40 cm. Start to reduce for Reglan, for what to close on each side in each second row 2 loops-8 times and 1 loop-16 times.
At an altitude of 62 cm. Close all loops.

Assembly: Perform the seams of the reglane, sew the sides, sew the seams of the sleeves.

Collar: Circular Spokes № 4 dial 130 loops.
Knit Rubber 2 * 2 – 20 cm.
Close loops.
Wrap the gum in the front side.

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