How to crochet pompons to trim the edge of the product

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Piping we budem delat from tsepochek vozdushnyh petel and shishechek of ctolbikov c nakidom. Β Susceptibility of the thickness of the yarn and the arrangement of the near-or-next-to-booster pump may be different from that of the hinge and column. Match the thread to the edge and collect 7 ΒΠ. Further, it is necessary to connect a cone of 5 –t column with one nakidom. We make a cushion, we insert a kryuchok into the 6th chain of the chain, draw the chain. In order to insert, we add a kryuchok into this same 6th chain and pull the button. Кa kryuchke already 3 petals have been schooled. Sleep, pull out another mesh. And unto another two times.

Кa kryuchke at us in the total of 6 loops. Now we tie them all together. 
To form a pompon, you need to bind one more such a lump. 
Bringing one aerial to the air and in it we will introduce a helix when knitting the second cone. 
Now enter the lumps with the coefficients together, inserting a taper at the base of the first lump. 

It is distributed by hands with the help of which it acquired the volume and beauty of the farm. 
Next, we knit a chain of 5 airbags and join it to the edge. 

Discuss such a linkage with the help of a finger. 

To knit a pompert

If they did not knit, but a knitted one, then you need to tie it with a key at some point with a hook that can be turned off by means of pompon. 

Εcli kaymu tpebuetcya sew vo Inside a Steel, HOW nA PHOTO podushek, kpaya kotopyh ofopmleny pomponami, verily cnachala neobhodimo cvyazat baggage separately kaymu of 2 - 3 -x pyadov ctolbikov bez nakida, zatem pyad c pomponami, ppishit kaymu to iznanochnoy ctopone odnoy chacti Steel and potom Sew a product by joining two parts of it. 

Зe forget to save in your little bag, so as not to lose. 


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