Knitting Swimsuits Idea

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Good day to all!  
The rules of publication are a little stymie me, who is well acquainted with my work, he knows perfectly well that I do not use diagrams, but I select everything from the pictures, such as the works below.  
On yarn I can say that, summer things I knit mostly from cotton, sometimes microfiber, but in my opinion it's logically  strange if the summer thing is made of acrylic for example.  

So, let's start  
First, I want to show my works on my beautiful clients

Body-swimsuit, tied to order, according to the picture, yarn Alize diva strech, consumption 1.5 skeletons, what is seen in the photo, it's left from the second hank. 

Charming knitted overalls! Original, modern, very stylish alternative to pareo, tunic, beach dresses! 
Consumption 3 skeins yarn soso

Swimsuit with seashells, also linked to order in the picture, the consumption of 2 hanks "Openwork" Piechorka

Swimsuits are knitted,

And a tunic, it took four hackles of Anna 16.


Thank you for attention!

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