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Knitted vest. This model is very stylish and looks original in its simplicity. The vest knitting pattern is simple and accessible, the emphasis is on the original thread. Naturelle knitted vest consists of a back and two shelves, decorated with two wooden buttons. The vest knitting pattern is shown below.



The size

The scheme is presented for the size of X-Small. Figures in parentheses are for sizes Small, Medium, Large, 1X and 2X. 
Breast volume 32 (36-40-44-48-52) "

The length of the product is 25 1/2 (25 1 / 2-26-26 1 / 2-27-27) ”


13 (14-17-19-21-23) skeins of wool (42% viscose, 36% acrylic, 13% cotton, 50g / 44m) 
Straight knitting needles No. 6 
Two 1 1/2 ”buttons or buttons.

Knitting density

14 loops = 10 cm, 24 rows = 10 cm when knitting with needles # 6 
In order to save time, tie an example and check with the template.

Knitting back

On the straight knitting needles we collect 71 (78-85-92-99-106) loops. Knit purl 6 ”, the last row should end on the left side and mark this place with a marker. 
Cut loops: 1 purl, 2 together, knit the rest of the loop with the next together, knit the purl loop, leaving 69 (76-83-90-97-104) loops. Repeat cutting the loops every 1 3/4 ”6 times, knit the product upwards and exit to 57 (64-71-78-85-92) loops. Work to continue upwards of 18 ”, starting from the place marked by the marker. 

Armhole Knitting Close 4 (5-6-7-8-9) loops evenly spreading over 2 edges for the next 2 rows. 
At the end there should be 49 (54-59-64-69-74) loops. 
Cut loops (right). 1 purl, 2 purl knit together, then knit the remaining loop together with the next, 1 loop. Work as long as the width at the top edge of the product is 47 (52-57-62-67-72) loops. Repeat this reduction every 2 more rada on the right side until 43 (44-47-50-53-56) loops remain. Next, knit up another 5 (5-5 1 / 2-6-6 1 / 2-6 1/2) ”and finish on the left side.

Knitting neckline. 
Knit with purl loops 16 (17-18-20-21-23), attach a thread from another skein and close the next 11 (10-11-10-11-10) loops in the center of the backrest. Next, knit the two sides separately. So, after closing the loops in the center of the back we tame the row to the end, then return and close 3 more loops from the center, then close another op 1 loop in every 4th row, knit it until the number of loops decreases to 6 (7-8 -10-11-13). Next, continue to knit up until the length of the armhole is 6 (7-8-10-11-13). finish on the left side and close the hinges. To link another part from the moment of closing the loops in the center is mirrored.

Knitting left shelf

On straight knitting needles, dial 50 (53-57-60-64-67) loops. Tie up 6 ”and finish on the left side, make a mark with a marker. 

Cut the stitches 
I1, I2 and knit together, And knit until the end 49 (52-56-59-63-66) loops. Repeat a decrease of 1 loop every 1 3/4 ”6 more times - 43 (46-50-53-57-60) loops should remain in the remainder. Knit the shelf up until the distance from the marker is 17 1/2 ”. Finish on the right side. 
Please read the entire description before you start knitting. 
Knitting neckline
Next row (left wrong side). Close 13 (12-13-12-13-12) loops, knit facial loops until the end of row 30 (34-37-41-44-48) with facial loops. Cut 1 loop on the neck another 8 times in each subsequent row, after each row of the right side 9 times. 
When the distance from the marker up to the end of knitting is 18 ”, start cutting the loop for the armhole. Cutting the loop for the armhole is the same as for the back. 
When the neckline and armhole are knitted, we continue to knit 6 (7-8-10-11-13) loops until the distance from the beginning of the armhole is 7 1/2 (7 1 / 2-8-8 1 / 2-9- 9) ”, finish knitting from the left seamy side and close the loop.

Right shelf

Knit as well as the left shelf and finish on the right front side. When you knit up 13 1/2 ”from the beginning, knit buttonholes using the following knitting pattern: 3 knit from the edge, close 3 loops, and knit to the end of the row with loops. Next row: knit 3 loops from the edge as usual, then above the place where the loops were closed, make a set of 3 loops and then continue the row according to the pattern. Also tie another loop at a distance of 16 1/2 ”from the marker. Finish knitting the right shelf (knit according to the scheme for the right shelf in the mirror image).


Sew the product along the shoulder seams. Sew side seams, starting from the marker and ending with the beginning of the armhole. Sew 2 buttons on the left shelf at the level of the loop.

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