Crochet Dress Free Pattern

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In this lightweight openwork dress of green you will look amazing! Try to link this delightful model to yourself using our simple scheme with a description and photo for the novice needlewomen.

Size: 38

You will need: Yarn Alpina TESSA (100% wool. 315 m/50 g)-600 g of pistachio color, spokes № 2. Hook № 1.75.

The face of the surface-facial rows-knit front loops, purls rows-purl loops.

Pattern 1: Knit according to scheme 1.

Pattern 2: Knit on the diagram 2.

Backrest: Dial 242 loops knit pattern 1. Reduce loops in 2 times, at height 27 sm having two loops together = 122 loops. We have a facial smoothness of 4 rows. Then again knit a pattern of 1 another 30 cm., then four rows of facial smoothness. Then knit a pattern 2 and 9 cm lower for the armholes on both sides 12 times x 1 loop in each row. After that, we get 11 cm straight and close the middle 22 loops for the neck cut. Then knit separately each part, closing from the inside in each second row 4 times x 1 loop, then in each row 4 times x 1 loop. Another row without the decrease of the touch and close the remaining loops of the shoulder. Mirror the other part of the neck.

Before: Knit is similar to the backrest, but the neckline should be whiter deep. To achieve this, after Vyvyazniem armholes, Projazem 6 cm straight and close 7 loops. Further knit each part separately, closing in each row on the inside of 1 loop, 4 loops, 1 loop, 3 loops, 1 loop, 2 loops, 1 loop, 1 loop, then in each second row 5 times 1 loop, in each third row 2 times x 1 loop. We put two more rows straight and close the remaining loops of the shoulder. Symmetrically this is the other part.

Sleeves: Shoulder seams. On a walk we collect 72 loops, knitting a pattern 2, adding in each row on both parties 12 times on 1 loop. Then for Skosov sleeves reduce on 1 loop on both parties in each eighth row. At an altitude of 46 cm the number of loops is doubled by using the scale and knitting 11 cm pattern 1.

Assembly: We carry out lateral seams and seams of sleeves. Each transition of a pattern tie, by means of a hook a fringe on scheme 3. The bottom edge of a dress and an edge of sleeves also tie a border on a scheme 3 columns without a scale and the second row of borders tie a cut of a neck.

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