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Bright turquoise - very showy color. Therefore, he is loved by blondes and brunettes.

Sizes: 34-38 (40-44)

You will need: 350 (400) g turquoise (col. 02968) Schachenmayr select HIGHLAND ALPACA yarn (50% alpaca wool, 50% wool in the highlands of the Andes, 41 m / 100 g); Knitting needles number 15; set of stocking needles number 15; remix spoke.

Shawl: persons. and izn. R. -persons P.

The main pattern: knit according to the scheme, which shows only individuals. r., in izn. R. knit all the loops according to the pattern or as described in the legend. The scheme is given completely for size 34 - 38, for size 40 - 44 knit from the 11th to the 17th p. (on the diagram highlighted in gray) 2 times.

Knitting density. Board knitting: 8 items and 10-11 r. = 10 x 10 cm; main pattern: 56 p. and 10 p. = 80 x 10 cm


Front and back: knit a single canvas across. Dial for the front of 19 points and distribute the loops in the next w. R. as follows: chrome., 1 person., 6 out., 2 people., 1 floor., 1 person., knit the next 7 paragraphs (6 p. + crom.) garter stitch. Next persons. R: knit 7 p. garter stitch, the remaining 12 s. before hand knit according to the scheme. Run another 2 p. on drawing, finishing 3rd r. schemes (persons. party). Remove the loop on the auxiliary knitting needle and trim the thread. Then dial 19 points for the back and distribute the loop in the next side. R. as follows: knit 7 p. (chrom. + 6 p.) garter stitch, 1 person., 1 dn., 2 persons., 6 w., 1 person., chrome. Next persons. R: knit 12 s. backs according to the scheme, the remaining 7 s. knit garter stitch. Run another 2 p. on drawing, finishing 3rd r. schemes (persons. party). Leave the loop on the needle, do not cut the thread. Further, an additional knitting needle and auxiliary Contrast the thread with 32 points. Tie the 19 threads of the backrest according to the pattern with the main thread, then knit the looped loops as follows: 1 w., 2 persons., 6 w., (2 people., 1 w.) 4 times, 2 persons. , 6 w., 2 persons., 1 w., Then knit 19 paragraphs before the pattern = 70 point. Continue to knit the first and last 7 paragraphs with garter stitch, central 56 points with the main pattern according to the scheme. At a height of 24 (26) cm = 24 (26) p. knit 33 paragraphs before, remove them on the auxiliary knitting needle, close the next 4 points to cut the neck and tie the remaining 33 paragraphs to the back 14 (18) p., then remove the loop on the auxiliary knitting needle. Translate 33 sec. Before an auxiliary Knitting needles on the working knitting needles. Starting with izn. p., bind according to Figure 13 (17) p. Next persons. C .: to knit 33 points before, dial 4 points. to knit 33 points of back. At a height of 59 (63) cm = 59 (63) p. finish the work of individuals. R. Translate central 32 p. Armholes to aux. knitting needle, tie on 19 p. on each side another 3 p. and loop close.

Assembly: for the strap right armhole dial and knit persons. 3 points along the horizontal edge of the armhole, knit 32 points of the armhole, taken from the apt. Knitting needles on the workers, tying the loop of the armhole for a pattern, and at the same time at each crossing of the "braid", tie 2 paragraphs together of persons., dial and fasten persons. 3 n. Along the horizontal edge of the armhole at the back = 36 n. Link 3 p. individuals. and close all the loops in the next row. For the strap of the left armhole, remove the contrast thread from the loops and knit, like a strap of the right armhole. On stocking needles, dial 40 (44) section along the edge of the neckline, close the circular row and tie 1 circular p. out., 1 circular p. persons., 1 circular p. izn., close all loops of persons. in the next roundabout. Run the side seams and the seams of the armholes.


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