Summer openwork bolero free pattern

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size Size (s): XS / S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL 
Yarn: DROPS COTTON VISCOSE (54% cotton, 46% viscose; 50 g. ~ 110 m.) 
DROPS KID-SILK (75% mohair, 25% silk; 25 g. ~ 200 m.) 
Number of balls: 200-250-250-300-300-350 g. COTTON VISCOSE 
75-75-75-100-100-100 gr. KID-SILK 
Density of knitting: 14 p. Lace pattern with double thread (COTTON VISCOSE + KID-SILK) = 10 cm in width 
Tool (s): circular needles 4.5 mm. and 4 mm. for gum 
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Tags: DROPS COTTON VISCOSE, Bolero, DROPS 119 Magazine, Spokes

Shawl knitting (direct and inverse rows): all loops in all rows are facial. 
Pattern: knit according to diagram M.1. 
Adding loops: to add 1 loop, make 1 nakid. In the next row knit nakid for the back wall so that there is no hole. 

product is knitted in straight and back rows, and the bordering elastic band is in a circle on circular needles. 
Dial 104-111-118-126-133-140 p. On the spokes 4.5 mm. double thread (COTTON VISCOSE + KID-SILK) and tie 3 rows face (first row = IC.), while in the third row evenly subtract 17-18-19-21-22-23 p. (approximately every 5th and 6th loop knit together) = 87-93-99-105-111-117 p.
Then continue with LS. as follows: 3 p. garter viscous, M.1A (= 3 p.), M.1B until there are 3 last p. and 3 p. garter viscous. Knit in this way until the height of the product is 3-3-4-5-6-7 cm. In the next row, collect 6 additional items on each side for the sleeves = 99-105-111-117-123-129-129 p. Then knit the same pattern M.1 with 3 n. garter stitch on the sides. At the height of the product 37-41-44-47-50-53 cm. Close the extreme 6 points on each side = 87-93-99-105-111-117 cm. Knit the same way as before the addition until the height of the part is 39-43-47-51-55-59 cm. (Next row with IP.) 
Connect 3 rows with front faces, adding 17-18-19-21-22-22-23 paragraphs in the first row (approximately every 5 th paragraph) = 104-111-118-126-133-140 p.
Go to the needles 4 mm. and dial 104-111-118-126-133-140 p. along the first dialing row = 208-222-236-252-266-280 p. Next, knit in a circle 1 row with the inside, evenly adding 80-86-92-100 -106-112 p. (After every 1st and 3rd loop alternately) according to the addition rule (see above) = 288-308-328-352-372-392 p. Tie 1 face to face and then continue with elastic band 2 L. / 2 I. When the gum is 2.5 cm high, add 1 p. To each I.-section and continue to knit with 2 L. / 3 I. to the total height of the gum 5 cm. In the next row add 1 p in each L. section and continue with 3 L./3 I. gum to a total height of 7 cm. Closed l all the loops on the picture. 

Run side seams and seams under the sleeves - see the dotted line in the diagram.

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