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Lace curtains are now increasingly used in modern interior decoration.

For such a curtain fit thin cotton thread. I would knit from reel threads for sewing with the number 0 or 10. In this case, get a delicate openwork curtain. You can, of course, knit a curtain and put it tightly from a little thicker yarn.

Hook take the number 0.5 - 1.

The curtain consists of round motifs that are interconnected in the knitting process. P

Knitting motif curtains
Knit motif curtains according to the scheme.


We make a ring of 8 air loops.

1st row: 3 VP to lift a row, 2 VP, 11 C1H and one air loop between them.

We connect the last air loop with the beginning of the row and tie it with a connecting column under the first air loops, since the second row will start with an offset from the first row.

2nd row: 2VP, 2S1N, knit together, * 3VP, 3S1N, knit together under the air stitches of the first row *. At the end of a series of 3VP and connecting column.

I don’t really like the notation at the end and the beginning of each row in the diagram, I give my description, as it seems to me to do. If I'm wrong, correct me, please.

3rd row: 2VP, * 5VP, 1 sc under the arms from the air loops of the previous row *. At the end of a series of 5VP.

4th row: we start knitting over the 2nd VP of the previous row; for this, we pull the thread from the 5th VP to the 2nd one with connecting columns.

3VP, 4S1N in the arches of the 3rd row, * 2VP, 5S1N *, 2VP.

5th row: 2VP for lifting, * bow of 12 VP, 1SBN, 5VP, 1SBN *, 5VP.

6th row: in the same way as in the 4th row we return from the 5th VP to the 3rd connecting columns and from this place we knit 2VP, * 8С1Н into an arochka from 12 VP of the 5th row, 3ВП, 8С1Н, 1СБН under the arch from 5VP 5th row *.

Knitting the last petal of the motive we connect it with the first semi-column.

It turned out one nice openwork motif of our crocheted curtains. Similarly, we knit the rest of the motives for the curtain, connecting them as follows.

Connection motifs crocheted curtains
Consider carefully the crochet curtain knitting scheme. Each motif consists of 12 petals.

Knit the second motive.

We see that you need to connect 5 rows of the second motive as well as the first. In the sixth row we knit 10 petals first, and when knitting the 11th and 12th petals we connect them to the petals of the first motive with a single crochet column (introducing a hook under the bow of the last row of the first motive).

We knit the third motive according to the same scheme, we connect it with the first motive.

We connect the fourth motif already in five places: we combine two petals with the second motif above, two with the third motif to the right.

And one more petal is connected with all three motives as follows:

After knitting 8 S1H of the 6th row of the petal, we dial 5VP, then 2S1N, knit together, 4VP, 2S1H together from the top of the previous columns, 1VP and the column, capturing the arche of the petal of the 3rd motive. Then we continue to knit in the same way up to the 1st motive (twice in 4VP and 2С1Н), we connect, we knit up to the 2nd motive, we connect, we knit in the same way, returning to the 4th motive.

Here 1VP, column without nakida and finish knitting petal (8С1Н).

Knitting openwork curtain process is very long, but also fascinating. As a result, this beauty will work!

What could be better and more original than a thing hand-made with love and soul?

A small crocheted curtain for the kitchen fits perfectly. If you knit for other rooms, you have to show courage and spend a lot of yarn and time.

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