Crochet Striped Pencil Holder

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Children are very fond of drawing, but to clean up the pencils are often forgotten. We solved this problem with an unusual pencil holder.

1. You will need a tin can, knitting threads and a hook.

2. We knit a circle equal in area to the bottom of the can.

3. We then knit without adding loops, and the first row of the loop clings to the inner side. If it's a tiger, then alternate red and brown.

4. Now we cut each two loops together, and the next row we sew each third loop together. Thus we fix the trunk on the bank.

5. We knit the muzzle of our tiger cub. Two identical parts: 2 cp. 1 row: 6 st.b. 2 rows: 12 stb. 3 rd: 18 tbsp. 4 row: 18 st.b. 5 row: 12st.B. 

And one detail is smaller: 2 cp. 1 row: 6 st.b. 2 rows: 12 st.b. 3 row: 12 st.b.

6. Now we connect the ears, for this we will link 4 identical parts: 2 pink and 2 orange colors: 2в.п. 1 row of 6b.s. 2 row: 12st.B.

7. Fold the details in pairs and bind them together st.b.n.- 18 st.b.n.

8. For the legs we knit two balls: 2 cp. 1 row: 6 st.b. 2 rows: 12 st.b. 3 row: 12 st.b. 4 rd 6 tbsp.

9. The tail begins with white thread, and then alternate orange and brown. 2 cp. 1 row: 6 st.b. 2 rows: 9 st.b. Further we continue 9 st.b.

10. It remains only to sew all the details, decorate your eyes and your tiger is READY !!!

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