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When it is cold, I especially want to wrap myself in something warm, long and fluffy. That is the vest of this model, knitted of classic mohair yarn.

It is also extremely elegant: an elongated silhouette makes the figure more slender, and a soft transverse gradient does not allow it to stretch too much. The combination of colors, and so gently moving one into another, is complemented by watercolor strokes of a mohair gun when different yarns are mixed. 

In short, the vest looks super stylish, especially since it is complemented by a picturesque collar-collar.



It shows that you can tie a vest for two sizes. All parameters are put on the drawing pattern. Note that the vertical dimensions are universal, but 2 options are indicated horizontally.

For knitting offered Katia Aire yarn (25 g / 150 m). This yarn is thin, designed to create volume, successfully knit in several threads on thick knitting needles. In our case, this is 3 threads.

The thread is designed in such a way that mohair superkid (35%) and baby alpaca fluff (35%) are wound on the base of polyamide (30%). Hence the strength, softness and fluffiness. Products made from such yarn are warm and look luxurious.

Yarn consumption:

- purple color - 9 skeins;

- pink color - 7.

Tools - needles 10 mm, straight or circular.

The density of knitting is as follows: 13 rows and 10 loops (pt) will give 10 x 10 cm, if you work with the front satin stitch (ls / hl). 

Knit the sample, like the whole product, will be a thread in 3 additions.

Chic long cardigan-vest for women with a mohair gradient: knitting description

When creating a vest will become guided by the pattern. This means that we will connect the back and the shelves separately, and then we will assemble them into the product. Separately, we make a collar-clamp.

In our work we use such simple patterns as ls / hl and pl / v - garter stitch.


We will start the work from the bottom, from the edge, and we will move to the shoulders.

We fold 3 threads from individual hanks of lilac color, we collect 60-64 pt.

We knit straight, each rpr performing mainly lt / hl, and only at the beginning of the rpr and at the end of its 4 pt do it get knotted by a pl / c.

After knitting 25 cm this way, we replace one lilac thread with a pink one and continue to knit as before.

Reaching 50 cm in height, we replace another lilac thread with a pink one, knit it up to a height of 75 cm from the edge. In this place already all 3 threads turn pink.

As the pattern shows, at a height of 93 cm from the edge the back is divided in half, forming a similarity of the dart. Both sides of the back are now framed around the edges with 4 loops of pl / c, on the remaining frits we still knit lts / hl.

We finish back when it grows to 100 cm.

Right shelf

She is also starting to knit from the bottom.

We fold 3 threads from individual hanks of lilac color, we collect 35-37 pt. We knit the same way as the back, changing colors at the same points. 

The only difference is: at a distance of 40 cm from the edge we type 1 new point on the left, we enter it into the general picture. That is, we are doing it at 4 p pl / in on both sides of the shelf, on the remaining fr there remain lc / hl.

We finish the shelf, as well as the back, at a height of 100 cm.

We knit the left shelf just like the right, only symmetrically.


We will sew a vest from the connected details, being guided by a pattern. It noted that armholes start at a height of 75 cm, and side cuts - at a height of 40 cm.


Separately tie the collar. 

We take a thread and pick 35 pt. Next, fold the 3 purple threads and knit in the image of the main product:

- at the edges we do at 3 pt / square;

- the remaining 29 pt perform lts / hl.

Linking the canvas to 70 cm in length, we transfer all the points to the additional length. On the working needle we place the PT, received after the loose thread is dissolved. We join the edges of the web with a stitch “loop to loop” and get a collar-collar.

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