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Materials: on 100, 8 g of wick yarn of the color of Eckyu and Lentovna yarn of the color of Eckyu, 20 g of yarn beige, lilac and pink colors, a little yarn green for embroidery; Needles № 7 and Hook № 4.

Facial surface (persons. Surface): persons. P.-Persons. P., N. R.-Izn. P. 
Purl Platelka Knitting (izn, boards, knitting): all P. izn. 
Jacquard pattern: According to the scheme. 

Density of Knitting: 10 x 10 cm = 11 p. x 16 P. 

Execution technique 

Back detail: A thread of color ecret on the spokes Dial 35 p. and knit pattern on the scheme, adding on both sides e each 2nd p., retreating 2 p. From the Edge, 3 times to 1 p. Then repeat the addition in the 21st and 25th p. = 45 p. Link 54-th p. scheme and finish knitting. 

Front detail: knit, as the back item. 

Assembly: On both details to perform embroidery, according to the instructions on the diagram. Connect both parts, tying the bottom edge and the sides of the crochet thread of beige color 1 p. St. b/N. Then execute 1 p. long p., having connected together 1 Fitilnui and 1 Lentovidnui a thread. 
For a handle a wick thread to dial 5 p. and to Knit izn. Boards. Viscous for 45 cm. 
For a lace to connect 6 threads of beige colour and 1 tape-shaped thread and to tie a chain from in. P. length of 70 SM. Extend the lace to the 50th p. Scheme. Moisten the finished product and allow it to dry.

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