Crochet Cardigan Free Pattern

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Dimensions of the finished product: 
Waist circumference-100-107 cm;
Length-91-92 cm;
Sleeve length-About 33 cm.  

For knitting it will be required: Yarn Sandnes Silk mohair (60% mohair, 15% wool, 25% silk, 280 m/50 g)-200-200, 5 g of grey color; 5 buttons;
Long and short circular spokes № 5.5. 

Density of Knitting: 16 p. = 10 sm.

Cardigan for overweight women

Knitting of the backrest and front. For long circular spokes dial 181-193 p. and knit back and forth facial smoothness 18 cm. Continue knitting pattern according to the scheme in this order: 1 Chrome. P., 11-13 persons. Gladi, * pattern according to the scheme, 5-6 p. Persons. Gladi *, repeat from * to * and finish knitting pattern according to the scheme of 11-13 persons. Gladi, 1 chrome. P. So knit 20 cm. Close the hinges on the right side in the following order: At the beginning of the row knit 2 p. Together, and at the end of the series: remove 1 P. Without stinging, 1 persons. N. and stretch the untangled p. Through the Projazazit. Knot Knit 2 persons. P. Together between the patterns = closes 10 p. Continue to close similarly loops through every 22 cm in total 3 times = 151-163 p. After closing the loops between the pattern and the chrome. The P. should be 2-3 persons. And on the sides of 6-7 persons. Surface. At an altitude of 67-65 cm to create a V-shaped neckline, close the hinges so: close the loops in each 4th row, the height should be associated 2.5 pattern raport (= 90 rows). Then knit back and forth the facial smoothness. At an altitude of 71 cm for the armholes close 5 medium pattern Raport = backrest. Close the 3-5 of the p. For the armholes on both sides of the central pattern. 

Backrest = 73-77 p. Knit back and forth front surface and close on the edges in each 2nd row of 1-1 p. = 61-65 p. Knit Armu length 20-21 cm. For the neck leave the average 21-23 p. on the Open. Thread and knit each shoulder separately. Simultaneously, starting from the edge of the armholes, close in each row for the shoulder 6-7-7, 7-7-7-7 p. 

Left shelf. Knit and close loops for armhole as well as on the backrest. Continue to close the loops for the V-shaped neck cut in each 4th row until the 20-21 is left. Close the shoulder loops as on the backrest. The right shelf to knit in mirror reflection. 

Knitting sleeves. On short spokes № 5.5 to dial 57-60 p. and knit in a circle of 7 cm facial smoothness. Continue knitting pattern on the scheme in this order: 48 size-4-5-6 p. Persons. Gladi, * pattern according to the scheme, 2-3-3 p. Persons. *, repeat from * to * 2 times, 4-5-6 persons. Surface. 50 Size-* 2 p. Persons. Ironing, knit according to the scheme *. Repeat from * to * 4 times. A knot, after the associated 1.5 of the pattern Raport (54 series) knit faces. In a circle. After the smoothness of the same series is connected as on the shelves and back (= approx. 33 cm), close under the sleeve 8-8 p. Go on and knit the faces. And at the same time for the okata close at the edges in each 2nd row of 3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-2-1, 3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-2-3 p. Close the remaining 11-12 p. 

Cardigan finish. Sew the shoulder seams. On circular spokes № 5 to dial loops on the edge of shelves and neck (approx. 3 p. For every 4 rows). Knit 7 rows only by facial loops. Thus in the third row on the right shelf to link 5 loops for buttons: to close 1 p. and in a trace. Number to dial a new loop in its place. Link 7 rows and all loops close. Sew sleeves into armholes. On a shelf of a cardigan to sew buttons.

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