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Knit socks with sole: scheme and description 
Photos used: Rostunova Elena 

Knitted socks with sole or sneaker-socks, can be created with your own hands.
We will need:
Materials-Alpaca Yarn, (peruwool) 100% wool color grey 100 m/50 g-1 hank, leather faux brown and red, for finishing red yarn. 
Tools-Spokes (set of 5 pieces for socks) № 4, auxiliary spokes, tapestry needle 
Sock Size-36 – 37


Elastic band 2p. X 2p.
Rows knit in a circle, alternating loops: 2 facial and 2 purls. In the following series of loops the face of the lower row is the face, Purls loops-

The front surface is circular: 
All rows knit with face loops in a circle (in one Direction)

According to the Scheme 2 knitting raport of 12 loops, thus having them on each spoke. The density of knitting: 24 p. x 28 P. = 10 x 10 cm.

Job Description:
We put on spokes 48 loops and distribute them on 12 loops on 4 spokes. Knitting 8 rows of rubber band 2p. x 2p in a circle. Further knit on a scheme 4 a toe, which consists of 16 rows. 
Tie the heel on the two spokes on the diagram 1 of 24 loops. To do this, we will first 8 shortened rows, 8 middle loops do not touch. When rotating the canvas at the end of each shortened series, make a tight twist of the first loop. We will connect the front smooth of 3 circular rows, Projazlyat twisted loops with the face loops together with Obkrutami.

Symmetrically lengthen 8 rows According to the diagram 1. Twist in each row of the extreme loop and projazvaem the front loop this obkrut in the next row, along with the twisted Loop, in which in the direction of the increase of the series to be twisted neighbouring loop. (Diagram 1), on the top side of the sock (on the rise of the foot) continue to tie the picture.

Then we will connect 32 of a row of a straight part, having knitted thus (on two spokes) a pattern on scheme 4 only on the top party of a sock. And the sole is knit with the front surface. In conclusion, the capes of the 16 rows are tied by the obverse loops, diminishing 6 times-on 1 p. Through 1 row, in each row 4 times-on 1 loop. The remaining 8 loops are collected on the thread and bind. Its end is fastened and put on the wrong side of the sock.

We are dyeing 2 insoles from artificial red leather (on scheme 3) and 2 strips 70 x 2 sm from brown colour. We bring the strips to the insoles, retreat 0.5 cm from the edge. Pin the pins to the sole of the sock with a leather sole and stitch the "goat" with a red thread.

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