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A knitted strip of motifs is attached to this bright pillow, made of cotton fabric, with buckles.


60 x 40 cm 


Yarn (100% cotton; 90 m / 50g): 50 g each of pink, white, hot pink, lilac, light gray, olive and green, 100 g pistachio; 1 hook for wool number 5; 70 cm cotton fabric 110 cm wide hot pink with a marble pattern; 6 hot pink brake clasps measuring 12 x 32 mm each.


Run the initial chain of 6 vp, close it into the ring using 1 conn. Art. and continue to knit acc. knitting scheme 1.  

Instead of the 1st p / st. circular row to perform 2 vp Before 1 tbsp. b / n, at the beginning of the circle row, perform an additional 1 i.e. 

Each circular row to close 1 Comm. Art. in the appropriate starting loop. 

1–3 rd circle. perform 1 time, at the same time after each circular row to change the color of the thread. 

Colors constantly alternate acc. photo or optional. 



Parts dimensions include 1 cm seam allowances. 

Front side: 1 rectangle 62 x 42 cm in size.  

Back side: 1 rectangle of 62 x 20 cm and 62 x 38 cm. 


For the 1st circular series of motifs to associate 8 motifs according. instructions, while starting from the 2nd motive, to connect motifs with each other, respectively, in the 3rd round. using 1 Comm. Art. in places designated by arrows. 

8th motive in the 3rd round. connect in a ring with the 1st motive. 

The 2nd circular series of motifs is similarly linked, while combining these motifs with the motifs of the 1st circular series. 

Tie the outer edges of the part to 2 circles. Art. b / n thread pistachio color, 1 krug.r. Art. b / n pink thread, while at the same time before the 1st st. b / n of each circular row to carry out 1 additional ce in each art. b / n knit 1 tbsp. b / n, while further perform on the corners of 3 tbsp. b / n in the middle corner loop. Each circular row to close 1 connection. Art. in the 1st st. b / n 

In conclusion, tie the item 1 krug.r. “In stride pitch” (= Art. B / n, run from left to right) with a white thread.


To brush over external cuts of all details from fabric. To carry out a pillow with a hotel fastener. 

Crocheted item acc. photo pull on the pillow and align. 

On both sides, mark 3 points each for sewing buttons acc. photo or optional. Knitted item to remove. Sew buttons. Knit detail again put on the pillow and fasten.

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