Crochet Carpet Foot

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Size: 32 x 72 cm 

You will need: yarn Barbante Artesanal Bacana (100% cotton, thickness 4/6) beige; 

Hook No. 3,5 

Used abbreviations: HA 

- air loop; 

SBN - a column without a crochet 

Description of knitting 
Hook to tie a chain of 5 in. etc. and knit it into the ring. Art. and knit RLS according to the scheme. Starting with the 21st р. knit on one side of the circle (25 cm). Knit to the end of the scheme (no fingers). 

Fingers: crochet tie a chain of 4 in. etc., close it in a ring and knit according to the schemes of the fingers, adding n. Knit 5 fingers with a diameter of 7 cm, 6 cm, 5 cm, 4 cm and 3 cm.

Assemblage: fingers tie RLS, connecting them in the process of knitting with a rug. A foot (without fingers) to fasten 

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