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Lightweight angora jumper with cross knitting. He is very gentle and airy, giving the image some charm and mystery.


Even an inexperienced knitter will be able to knit such a sweater, as the pattern for a knitted product is quite simple, and there are no special patterns for knitting.
For size 46/48 you will need: 500 grams of fine lilac yarn (100% Angora wool) and needles No. 3.


On the knitting needles we collect 120 loops with a thread of a different color (for dissolution later) and knit a purple yarn with a cross knitting with a faceplate of sixty cm wide. cm (on the needles will be somewhere forty loops) close the loop that remained. The dial is dismissed and we open the loops on the spokes, then we knit in the opposite direction another part in front with symmetry to the first.


We collect 120 loops with needles with a different color of yarn and then knit with lilac yarn with a front satin knit transversely striped 60 cm wide. As it will be knitted fifty cm, we leave the loops on the needles in the open state.


On the knitting needles, we collect eighty loops with a lilac yarn and then knit with a faceplate in a straight line sixty centimeters. Then close all the loops. The other sleeve is knitted like the first.


First of all, we dissolve the initial rows, which are yarn of a different color, then we sew open loops on the front and back side twenty and two centimeters below and above with a horizontal knit stitch and sew the sleeves between them in the middle. From the bottom along the edge of the front and back we collect about two hundred loops on the needles and knit twenty cm of the bass with a faceplate.


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