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size: 36-40. 

You will need: 200 grams of light ivory (32 color) of Lana Grossa ESTIVO II yarn, consisting of 85% cotton, 15% polyamide, and a yarn length of 150 meters in 50 grams; 150 grams of cream (color 2) yarn Lana Grossa SUMMER LACE, consisting of 87% cotton, 13% elastane, yarn length 195 meters in 50 grams; straight needles number 4 and number 5; circular needles number 4 with a length of 50 cm. 

Edge with a chain: 1st knit each row to knit the front. Remove the last loop of each row as a purl (thread in front of a knitting needle). 

Gum: alternately 1 facial, 2 purl. Knit the loops in each circular row according to the pattern. 

Semi-patent A / B pattern (back and front): knit according to the A / B pattern in rows in the forward and reverse direction. Numbers from the left outer edge denote the purl rows, from the right outer edge - the facial rows.

The width shows all the loops of the pattern between the arrows. Before the neckline, 2 loops for the patent edge are also shown on both sides, which are highlighted with a gray background. In height, for the semi-patent pattern A, perform the 1-5th row according to the pattern A 1 times, then the 4th and 5th row repeat 18 times = just 41 row, finish with the 42nd row, then knit for the semi-patent pattern B 1- 8th row according to the scheme 1 time, repeat the 7th and 8th row 20 times = only 48 rows, finish with the 49-109th row. 

In the 49th and 50th row, 4 loops for armholes will be reduced. 

At the same time, starting from the 50th row, to perform on both sides of the subtraction for the raglan, as indicated. For this, after and before 6 loops from the edge, knit 2 loops together purl.

Before and after this, the patent loops will be located when knitting exactly on top of each other, although it is possible to display this for graphic reasons only by a ladder. 

Attention: 1 double crochet loop counts as 1 loop. 

Patent C / D / E (sleeves): C / D / E knit in rows in the forward and reverse direction. Numbers from the left outer edge denote the purl rows, from the right outer edge - the front rows. The width shows all the loops of the pattern, while starting with the loops between the arrows. 

The additions and subtractions for raglan bevels on the diagram are also indicated and shown completely from the left edge, since the sleeves fit across. All rows are indicated in height, while for a semi-patent pattern C, perform the 1-44th row 1 time, for the semi-patent pattern D 1-31th row 1 time and for the semi-patent pattern E 1-44th row 1 time.

Attention: when making a semi-patent pattern D, knit for the shape and the required width of the sleeves 5 times by 2 rows less than indicated. 

To do this, in the corresponding front rows, do not tie up 6 loops to the left edge and turn the work. In the next front row, tie all the loops again. 

Sweater Knitting Density: Semi-patent pattern, knitting needles No. 5, Estivo II thread - 16 loops and 28 rows = 10 by 10 cm; polupatentny pattern spokes № 5, Summer Lace thread - 16,5 rows of loops 38 and 10 = 10 cm. 

knitting needles Description cardigan raglan 


on the spokes 4 № dial thread Summer Lace loops 85 and knit pattern for strips polupatentnym A patent edge on 2 loops on both sides, starting from 1 purl row, as indicated.

After the 3rd row from the initial row, knit further with the needles No. 5. 

Through 11 cm = 42 rows from the initial row, knit with a semi-patent pattern B with the Estivo II thread, continuing to carry out the patent edge on both sides. 

After 17.5 cm = 48 rows from the plank, close on both sides for the armholes 4 loops, then start to perform raglan bevels on both sides and knit for selected reductions in 2 loops together with the wrong one, as indicated. 

After 21.5 cm = 60 rows from the start of raglan, or after the 109th row of Scheme B, close the remaining 33 loops for the neckline. 

The front of the 

Knit, as the back, but with a round neckline. To do this, in the 102nd row, according to scheme B, close the middle 21 loops and finish both sides separately.

Raglan jumper with knitting needles, scheme 2. For further rounding of the neckline, close the inside edge in each 2nd row another 3 times 1 loop, while for the last selected reductions, knit 2 loops together from the inside edge from the inside edge. 

After the 109th row, close the remaining 3 loops on each side. 


Knit across in the direction of the arrow. To do this, on the spokes No. 5, loosely thread Summer Loop 31 with a loop and knit with a semi-patent pattern C, at the same time from the left edge to carry out the edge with a chain, from the right edge - the patent edge with 2 loops (hereinafter the lower edge of the sleeve).

After the 3rd row from the initial row, dial the needles No. 5 with a separate Summer Lace thread for the raglan bevel all 37 loops at one time, but starting from the 4th row, knitting them to each front row 15 more times 2 loops, 5 times 1 loop and 1 time 2 loops. 

Then work to turn and knit purl rows on the existing number of loops = only 68 loops. 

After 11 cm = 44 rows from the initial row, knit further with a semi-patented pattern D with the Estivo II thread, while after the 3rd, 9th, 15th, 21st and 27th rows, include 2 shortened rows, like marked.

After 11 cm = 31 rows from pattern D (counting and measuring from the right edge) again knit with Summer Lace thread with a semi-patent pattern E, as indicated, while for the raglan bevel close 2 loops from the left edge in the 2nd row, then 2 row 5 times 1 loop and 15 times 2 loops. 

After 11 cm = 44 rows from pattern E, close the remaining 31 loops. 


Run seams. Sew sleeves so that the 2nd, that is, the inner, edge of the patent edge extends from the outside upwards along the seam. 

On loop needles No. 4, draw loops over the neckline of the Estivo II thread 93 and knit 2 cm = 6 circular rows for the strap with a rubber band. Then loop freely close on the picture. 

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